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Janmashtami 2014 Celebrations

We all know that mother is the biggest protector of her children from all odds and evils. Shri Krishna is one of those gods whose childhood stories inspire us all. Govinda’s love toward his mother, Yashoda defines motherhood and Yashoda’s love toward Balgopal is undefinable and indescribable.

The festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated throughout the country marking the birth of Govinda. Lord Krishna is considered as a newborn and people love him, pamper him, and show respect for him on this day.

On this Janmashtami in 2014, we should also try to have the same celebration throughout the country and make everyone feel the festivity of Janmashtami. Let’s see how the celebration has been in various parts of the country and globe in the past years.

Since, Lord Krishna was born in Mathura and stayed in Gokul, the festival holds a great celebration time for the people belonging to these areas. Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul and Brij are the places where Lord Shree Krishna did a lot of Leelas (acts) (Raslila, Krishna Leela), hence this festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, joy and devotion at these places.

Every year, the festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with same dedication and rituals. Hopefully, this Janmashtami of 2014 will again witness the same festivity. People believe that Lord Krishna was born at 12 in the midnight. So, they also remain awake and wait for the Balgopal to come. The celebration of Janmashtami is just the same as people wait for the birth of a newborn in their family.

On the day of Janmashtami, people perform special Poojas, keep fast, sing Bhajans, and dance to celebrate the birth of Krishna.The temples in these places are decorated and special Jhankis (tableaus) are organised. Lord Krishna is pampered as a newborn. People offer sweets and Jhulas (swing) to the newborn Krishna.

This form of Balgopal is especially worshiped by pregnant ladies, who idolise their newborns to be like Balgopal.

Hopefully, you will also celebrate this Janmashtami in 2014 with the same enthusiasm and devotion as the Lord Krishna devotees feel. Janmashtami is not only celebrated in India, however it is the festival that is celebrated across the country and globe.

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