Guidelines for Indian Management Thoughts and Practices


Common topic questions-
1) Compare and contrast the value systems of India with that of western countries?
• Do not write in table form
• Explain with examples


2) Explain how inner peace contributes to the performance of an Indian manager in a stressful corporate life?
• Self-motivation
• Day-to-day balanced life- life as a spiritual centre
• Bliss-akhanda anand

3) Explain any 5 critical aspects of the Indian ethos that need to be imbibed by a international company seeking to set up a business in India
• Self motivation
• Co-operation
• Balanced life
• Creator and creation
• Ends do not justify means
• Ma phaleshu kadachan
• Perfection is work
• Service attitude
• Dignity of work


1) “For achieving behavioural change, individuals have to address the core values”. Discuss this statement in the context of Indian organization.
• Swadharma
• Detachment
• Gunas
• Yama
• Niyama

2) How are personalities classified?
• According to gunas,
• Satva
• Rajas
• Tamas

3) Suggest specific strategies for the development of inner peace.
• Following ethics and values
• Integrity of character
• Yoga and meditation
• Concentration
Social responsibility
• Work is worship
• Self motivation

4) What is karma? Explain karma theory.
• Define karma
• Discuss types of karma
5) What is dharma? Explain dharma theory. OR
6) What is dharma? How is it different from religion?
• Define dharma
• Discuss types of dharma
• Dharmic management

7) What is yoga? Explain yoga in detail.
• Discuss ashtang yoga
• Discuss types of yoga


• Analyse the concept of motivation in the Indian context and compare it with western concept.
• Maslow’s theory in short
Indian context:-
• long term
• self motivation
• self actualization
• individual as a whole
• team work
• training as investment
• fulfils growth needs
Western context:-
• short term
• induced motivation
• lower needs are satisfied
• human resource
• individualism
• training as cost factor
• give and take relationship

2) How can Indian motivation theory be applied to boost the efficiency of a business manager?
• Self motivation
• Be the work
• Validation – respect employees as people, flexibility to meet personal needs, encouragement of learning, growth
• Information – why things are done? , inside information
• Participation – control over work


1) Is leadership situational? Explain with examples.
• Explain situational leadership
• Give example of ambanis, narayanmurthy
• Krishna as situational leader – selling leadership in ‘gita’, dushashana
• Rama as a situational leader
2) Can leaders be made or is leadership an inborn quality?
• Some qualities are inborn – observer, forebearance(tolerance), service attitude
• Some are to be imbibed – HR skills, communication skills, group skills.
3) Explain the concept of transformational leadership.
• Eg Krishna – one who transforms people to do things on their own, eg govardhan parvat
• Eg ganpati – long trunk, big ears, small eyes, big belly, vaahan(mouse), one tooth broken, vegetarian
1) What are the essential difference between the traditional Indian nature of learning and modern learning?
Indian style of learning-
• Karta through stories
• Mother at home. So learning from mother.
• Gurukul system, where overall development of individual
• Complete man having knowledge of all aspects
• Harmony in every sphere of life
• All are equal in gurukul
• Brahma muhurtham
• Virtues like vinkaya, viveka, etc was taught in gurukul
• Learning starts from mother ‘nature’
Modern style of learning
• No concept of stories only through serials and cartoons
• No such concept
• No proper attention to the overall development
• Specialization is more emphasized upon
• Confused about the future as well as present
• Money is power, hence those having money would get best education
• No special time for learning
• No such concept. Only emphasis is on the theoretical learning.
• Closed classroom right from kindergarten.
Do not explain the answer in table form. Explain all the points with example and reasons.

1) How can organizational productivity be increased with value driven Indian management?
• Nishkaam karma
• Karma yoga
• Ma phaleshu kadachana
• Dharmic management
• Self motivation
• Ethics
• Yoga
• Spiritual quotient of employees
2) How does Indian management thoughts contribute to managerial effectiveness?
• Karma i.e. nishkaam karma
• Dharmic management
• Atman (individual consciousness)
• Brahman (supreme)
• Co-operation
• Respect for all
• Selfless work
• Reduce tamas gun
• Work is worship
• Self motivation
• Corporate citizenship

3) Explain how an organization can achieve corporate excellence through business ethics.
• Transparent culture
• Courage imbibed in employees
• Quality service and products
• Training in every aspect for an individual
• Value oriented management
• Integrity in character not only in employees but also management and employers
1) What are various conflicts that may arise in an Indian organization? Why?
• Inter personal conflicts
• Intra personal conflicts
• Inter group conflicts
• Tamsik
• Rajsik
• Saatvik


1) ‘Organisation, society and nature are living entities having collective consciousness, heart and mind.’ Comment on this statement.
• Dharmic management
• Social responsibility towards publics of organization
• Nature helps every corporate
• Society helps to develop organization
• Synergy b/w organization (business), society and nature
• Reduce selfishness
• Social audit
• Eg Tata
• Sahara india pariwar

2) Explain the correlation between the nature and a human society.
• Learning from nature
• Sea
• Sun
• Mountain
• Flower
• River-ganga
• Earth
• Tree
• Birds
• Creepers
1) Explain how an individual in the organization can enhance his/her creativity.
• Being a visualize
• Originality in ideas
• Calm and focused
• Flexibility
• Perserverance
• Conceptual fluency
• curiosity

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We, at, believe in sharing knowledge and giving quality information to our BMS students. We are here to provide and update you with every details required by you BMSites! If you want to join us, please mail to [email protected]


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