Giving up studies for becoming Entrepreneur is right or wrong will it give ethical leaders in future???A real case of Entrepreneurship


PayPal founder (and billionaire) Peter Thiel is offering grants to 20 students under the age of 20, luring them to leave school and become entrepreneurs. He thinks that getting teenagers to start thinking big early will help them become innovators. Rather than take on education debt, Thiel wants these kids to get $100,000 from a mogul and start a business.
But what if the entrepreneurs are not even college graduates? What is the chance that a kid that leaves school because of $100,000 will succeed as an entrepreneur? And if he fails, what will be the effect of that on life of that child.
many college student in Nigeria, and many of children left school to start businesses thinking they would become Entrepreneur before the rest of them completed college. None succeeded. The ones who completed college and got into entrepreneurship are doing much better. They are the ones whose companies are now entering into joint partnerships with multinational companies. Their confidence and better vision in the market helps them scale and pick opportunities. Those without education cannot play in that level. The educated ones can get travel documents to most Western nations, these governments discriminate on educational status when approving visas. There seems to be no single reason where dropping out of school has helped. I know for sure thousands of kids have been destroyed by the illusion that leaving school is a recipe for successful entrepreneurism. They have failed to see school as a risk worth taking. Thus we conclude that their degree should be their first product, on which they can build many more.

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