FAQs about TYBMS Results!


Hey all!

There are many queries related to TYBMS Results!

Few of them we are listing below, just check out-

1) What is the % Class in BMS?

Distinction – 70% and above

First Class – 60% – 70%

Second Class – 50% – 59%

2) What is the passing criteria in BMS?

If you have got above 40% marks in all subjects, then you are declared as PASS

3) How many KTs are allowed in TYBMS?

You are allowed for 6 KTs in SEM 5, and to become a Graduate, You need to clear all KTs in Sem 5 and get all papers cleared in SEM 6.

4) When do we get Marksheets in our hands?

When MU declares its Results Online, you would get Marksheets maximum 5 days after MU declaring Results online.

5) What if i get this “Result for seat number **** is unavailable. You have to contact your respective Institute/College.”

Carry your hallticket

Go to College
Chances are the internals weren’t submitted
Its one of the reasons for withholding the results
Another could be if fees are not paid
A lot more possibilities exist and
it can also mean the student might have got a KT in any subject.
So lets not keep it guessing. Go to the college and figure it out.
If you think positive, sab accha hoga. 🙂

6) What if i get this “Result held in Reserve”

Results are normally held in reserve for the following reasons.

1. Non passing of lower examinations

2. Non receipt of Transfer / Eligibility Certificate

3. Non submission of First Degree certificate required for Masters Degree results etc.


1 Apply for declaration of result through respective college / Institution with a copy of statement of marks of lower examination, first-degree certificate, certificate of eligibility / Transfer etc. whatever is applicable.

2 On receipt of application duly recommended by the college with relevant documents / information and on completion of process result will be declared within the following period.

7) Do we have marks for the Projects?

Yes, the 200 marks projects would be counted in your TYBMS Sem 6 Results.

8 ) What if the Result shows FAILED?

It means you have got a KT in TYBMS Sem 6. How many KTs? That you would come to know when you get your results.

9) What is the grace marks provided to pass?

If you have cleared all 5 PAPERS with good marks and if you are failing in only 1 subject then you are allowed to get 7 marks to pass that subject. This is possible before results. i.e. if you get your results as 5 subjects PASS and 1 subject FAIL, you can give revaluation to MU but chances that they will provide grace marks after Results is quite less.

10) What if I want to give my papers for Revaluation / Rechecking?

You need to buy Revaluation forms from your college and get it filled to apply to MU within 7 days of getting Statement of Marks i.e. BMS Marksheets.

11) Can we see our marks on Internet?

Nope, Mumbai University does not display marks on Internet. It only displays if the student is PASS or FAIL.

12) Is it possible that the results which are displayed on Internet can be wrong sometimes?

Yes, there are many such cases wherein results shown on Internet and actual results are different. That’s why you should always wait for the actual results i.e. statement of marks to decide anything.

13) When would the TYBMS Sem 6 ATKT Exams be held and when will its results come?

They would be held in October/November and its results would be out after 2 months of exams.

14) How much time it takes for Revaluation?

It takes (45) working days from the date of receipt of the application for revaluation by the University.

15) What if I get more than 2 KTs in TYBMS Sem 6? 

You would have to reappear the whole semester again.

Also, check the Revaluation procedure on BMS.co.in http://bms.co.in/mumbai-university-procedure-for-tybms-students/

16) For how many marks is Revaluation done for a KT paper?

Revaluation is done for papers which needs 6-7 marks for passing in that paper.




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  1. My tybms result is declared … and its showing that I I’m failed … because in project work I’m absent ..
    But I was present in project work …
    Regarding to that I have submitted letter in university ..
    Till when I’ll get my result ?

  2. hi..
    wht is mean by
    The result
    held in Reserve due to Lower
    Semester not cleared.
    okkk then let me explain…
    mera 5 th sem ko absent dekha rha hae..esliye mein fail hu 5 th sem bt..mera 6 sem ka result reserved dekha rha hae pr mein kya six sem mein pass hu…

  3. hi. i’m full passsd in 5th sem with 62 %. but in 6th sem when i checked result first time it show successful but held in reserve and now it shows successful with grade F and held in reserve. can u tell me what is this.

    1. Carry your hallticket

      Go to College
      Chances are the internals weren’t submitted
      Its one of the reasons for withholding the results
      Another could be if fees are not paid
      A lot more possibilities exist and
      it can also mean the student might have got a KT in any subject.
      So lets not keep it guessing. Go to the college and figure it out.
      If you think positive, sab accha hoga. 🙂

  4. hi i have got 17 marks in my operation research paper i have failed in 1 subject and have cleared all other subjects with good marks is there any chance for me to pass if i give the paper for the revaluation.i mean have they ever considered giving 7 marks to pass a student.and the exam which i am supposed to give now will be the additional exam or atkt exam. will it show in my marksheet that i have reappeared for OR paper.

    1. Hi, you will have to apply for revaluation and atkt exams both as it takes time for reval results to be declared. If you pass in reval, you need not appear for atkt exams. But if you don’t you would have to clear OR paper by giving atkt exams. In the results, the overall grade of all semesters would be shown.


  6. hi my name is bipin . i have got 14 marks in international finance paper i have failed . i really shock . i hope me . i need to harwork but i dont no .this sub is very easy to solved . full paper to attempt. can u tell me . can u help the advise

  7. Hello I have received 17 marks in my Or paper i have given for revaluation till date my revaluation results are not out so what should i do if i give the paper and next day results are out which marks will be counted

    1. Please give the atkt exams if your revaluation results are not out. The marks which are highest in both is considered so if you get more marks in revaluation and less in atkt then revaluation marks will be considered and vice-versa

  8. Hi,

    I have cleared 5th sem and 6th sem i got a atkt in O.R subject held on march 2013.

    I filled my atkt form in march 2014 and gave the paper on 17th nov 2014, now results is displayed online but for my seat no. it is showing no seat match, is it because of CBGS? should i wait for revised result or old course or something??

  9. I want to no wat role the credit marks will play in the last final result what told of these credit marks and how much do U need till Tybms I got 21 in all three sems

  10. hey i got 20 marks in B.ethics and 16 marks in F.M (5 th Sem ) but my F.M exam was really good now i am thinking of putting both the papers for revaluation but ppl are saying that dog put it for revaluation .Please suggest

    1. You can apply for revaluation as well as ATKT exams. If you clear in revaluation, you need not appear for atkt exams and if you don’t get revaluation results before atkt exams, you can still appear for the exams.

  11. How many times are we allowed to appear for the kt exams for f.m in tybms I have appeared for the kt for juz one subj 3times and doubt i will clear again will i be allowed to give one more time?

  12. when graduation percentage is asked..do we calculate the 5th and 6th semester marks or only 6th semester….this is asked to fill the cet admission process form….would be highly obliged for an early reply..thankyou

  13. Sem 5 I passed in revaluation and exams were held after that so I didn’t go for that exam now in sem 6 results they r saying held in reserve due to lower examination not cleared

    1. Dear Ria, it might be a technical glitch or maybe MU might not have updated your results in its records. So don’t worry, as soon as you get your consolidated marksheet at your college, you will have a clear idea.


  15. Ok now… You really need to explain me what do I need to do… Basically I had a kt in my 5th sem result…applied for reval…And got passed… My result is still not been handed to me by the colg…secondly my 6th sem result is also cleared on Internet it didn’t showed back then it showed that it’s reserved I went in colg to confirm and I was passed… But they kept me hanging for my result… Like I passed in 2013 and now it’s 2015… The hell m i suppose to do… I keep going to colg they’re like come tomorrow we’re busy….tell me what can I do…!?

    1. Dear Sohail, since its already 2 years, probably the college might have misplaced your marksheets? and they are giving excuses to cover up their goof-up? Can that be a possibility? If yes, why don’t you apply for duplicate marksheets from the university?
      Well, even that will take 2 months but atleast you will get your certificates.

  16. Bms team I have got 11marks out of 75 at or paper that’s equal to 37 % of passing marks..but total is 24 marks out of 100 thiat includes internal & external both & it is more then 20 % of 100 total marks in Or paper.. so my question is that I can put in reveal ?plz reply..bcz today is last date

  17. hi, i need to knw i gav 5th n 6th sem in 2014… was having 2 kts in 5th sem n 1 in 6th sem.. aftr tht i left my bms studies… now i want to complete bms again… plzz hlp me with the procedure.. plzz… can i giv revaluation or its atkt

  18. i am all clear and in sem 6 it is showing that successful held in Reserve due to Lower Examination not cleared what does it mean?
    am i passed in sem 6?

  19. How many kt’s are allowed in the 5th sem for Nov. 2016 exam ?
    Are we still allowed to carry all 6 papers in the next semester or only 2 kts are allowed in 5th sem ?
    All my previous semesters are cleared.
    Please reply, thanks in advance.

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