Interview with PANKAJ  CHAUHAN, TYBMS Sem 5 Topper 2013-14, BUNTS SANGHA COLLEGE who scored 70% and GPA score is 6.15


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How does it feel to be a Topper in the university exams? Whom will you credit your success to? What was your success mantra?

It is an awesome feeling to be a topper and be successful. All credit goes to my parents, my principal and the faculties because they believed in my potentials n supported me. Since from sem 1 i am the topper of the my college so its feel great to be a topper. My success mantra is “study smart and don’t work hard”


Did you prepare any timetable and please share your study strategy/exam tips to crack each subject of sem 5?

Yes, I had prepared a time table for Practical Subjects (FM and SSF). Basically I started studying the practical subjects from beginning of the semester and rest theory subject I started studying when only 1 month were left for the exam.


Do you think BMS student require coaching classes or is self-study enough? Had you joined any coaching class for a particular subject?

Yes BMS students require coaching classes especially for Practical subjects (FM and SSF). In case theory they don’t need coaching classes if they go to the college regularly and understand the concept from their college professors. Yes, Even I had joined coaching classes for Practical subjects (FM and SSF)


What was your specialization subject? Why did you opt for it?

My specialization subject was SSF (Special studies in Finance). I took SSF because it is my favourite and interesting subject. As it is a practical subject so we can score more.


Can you list the textbooks you referred for all subjects?

1.   HRM: Thakur Publishers
2.   SSM: Rishabh Publication
3.   FM: Arvind A Dhond
4.   Logistic and SCM: Rishabh & Sheth Publication
5.   Business Ethics: Rishabh Publication
6.   SS Finance: Arvind A Dhond


Which was your worst paper? Why? Which was your best paper? Why?

I can’t say worst but financial management was a bit difficult because maybe I contributed less to it. My best paper was logistical management because I was well prepared for it and I would like to credit my professor for his best teachings.


Today, we often come across students committing suicide out of failure, depression or tension of exams. What do you have to say about this? Did you use any special techniques for stress management?

Committing suicide is not the solution. These situations of suicide can be avoided by self motivation and family support. Failure can happen but is it not the end instead we should learn from it, overcome it and take it positively.


The Black Book project contributing a significant part to the percentage, please share the experiences you had during the preparation of the project and how has it benefited you.

I had made a project on Comparative financial study of top two wheeler companies. I got 83 marks in my project. My whole experience was really good.  I may like to thank my guide Prof. Loveena Atwal she helped me a lot in this project.


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