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Brand Image:


According to david Ogilvy. “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image. If you take that long view, a great many day-to-day problems solve themselves….most of the manufacturers who find it expedient to change the image of their brand want it changed upwards.”

Developing a brand image:-

An advertiser can develop a band image of the product through different ways:

  • Contents of advertisement
  • Media used
  • Personalities used
  • Symbols
  • Sponsoring of events
  • Price
  • Product
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Company


  • Contents of advertisement:

The quality of contents i.e., the illustration, headline, the colour combinations, the music background, words, etc. can give intended image to the brand.

  • Media used:

The quality of media or the programs sponsored may affect the brand image. Ex.: reid & taylor can advertise in business magazine but not in cheap local magazines.

  • Personalities used:

The personality of the person endorsing the brand must always watch with the personality. Ex.: Sachin Tendulkar can endorse cricket kits.

  • Symbols:

The company & brand logos should be designed that it should get instant recognition of the brand. Ex.: penguin of kelvinator.

  • Sponsoring of events:

The events sponsored by the company can affect its image. Ex.: world cup 2011cricket had sponsored by micromax.

  • Price:

The price factor can generate image for the brands. Ex.: Toyota has developed a rich image not only for the company but also for its brands.

  • Product:

The product by itself is an important factor in order to develop a brand image the brand should perform well & also generate customer satisfaction.

  • Packaging:

The package must be properly designed in order to give a rich image to the brand as package is the face of the product.

  • Distribution:

The type of distribution by the company affects the image of the brand. Ex.: Radio watches are available at selected stores in India.

  • Company:

The image of the company can affect the image of the brand. Ex.: companies which enjoy goodwill in the market can generate favorable image for their brands.



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