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Nearly 25 years ago Microsoft’s launch of the windows 3.0 change the way we look at our PC. It gave a tough competition to the apple Mac as it ushered in graphic user interface that made its operating system to be colorful. We have entered the big generation of technology and come along a long way since then with the laptops, notebooks, smartphones, netbooks and tablets. But what the new windows 10 has to give us which is leaped directly after windows 8.1?

Windows 10 unlocks new experiences for customers to work, play and connect. Well, the technical preview is out and this are the big things that pops out from it.

The big change we will find in this is the START BUTTON is back which was disappeared in the last version – windows 8. And if you didn’t had a touchscreen monitor their you need to go back again to the desktop mode to get the availability. So the start button is a welcome to the windows 10.

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This is very interesting and a quick view change in the new version. In the earlier versions when we pressed the START button you get to see the tiles along with the old list. The tiles show up – from unread messages to weather information, stock alerts to social updates and notifications. While before you had to perform certain actions to get what you wanted which only meant more and more clicks. However this is a great gief. Also the enhanced Snap with a brand new “quadrant layout” will help you the need to drag things around and resize them according to preferences. Now you can have 4 different apps arranged on your screen which exposes you to more data.


The one more wow factor is you can have multiple screens on your desktop screens, which allows you to manage your work separately and as you wish. You can have your professional stuffs at one and private social stuffs at one. It allows you to group work and personal items separately. For e.g. – you can have your Facebook and twitter windows open on one desktop, while keeping excel and PowerPoint on another. You can switch desktops, add desktops, or view all open tasks using a single click task view button which would be on the taskbar.

While in windows 8 each app opens up in a full screen window and in this new version apps open up in a window mode like a desktop programme which we can minimize and move around as per ur comfort ability to enhance multiple works using the minimize button, maximize button and the close button in the title bars.


The interesting thing is the way Microsoft is changing things, the windows 10 operating system will run in all devices be it a windows PC, phone, tablet or even an XBOX, you will have the same experience and all this new features.

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So the release date is 2015 and you have to wait. While if you are thinking whether to upgrade it or not – technology is all about continuous upgrade. So if you are using windows XP or 7 which can’t be upgraded to windows 8 …do not hurry and wait. Upgrade the windows 10 next year. J

In case you are running a computer that runs on windows 8 you may be able to run Windows 10 on it.

While many were really disappointed with the Windows 8 here are some Top features the customers want.

  1. Add tabs to the windows explorer and file explorer.
  2. Make Windows Update a one-stop shop for ALL drivers.
  3. Change the themed icons.
  4. Bring back the aero glass themes.
  5. Introduce the Persian calendar.
  6. Make it free ( although speculation has mounted that Microsoft might make windows 10 upgrade free for windows 8 and even windows 7 users or making it free altogether).
  7. Pin anything to the start menu.
  8. Changes with the boring notepad.
  9. Remixing the volume mixer. (For e.g. – not interrupting the sound playing through headphones)
  10. Drag and drop apps between virtual desktops.


Well in the past every time you wanted an upgrade you had to pay, however due the new license policy of Microsoft you may not have to pay for the upgrade but nothing is confirmed yet.


Yes from http://bit.ly/htwin10. Remember, this is a technical preview and is not stable for day to day use.

windows 10


YES, you can, but you will need to reinstall your OS. And make sure you have full backups before you install the preview.

So the windows 10 is predicted to span all hard wares from PCs to phones and also try to dissolute the ills of windows 8. Well, the new interesting things manages to take your few minutes but let’s hope for the best!




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