Everything You Need To Know About India And Its Magnificent Cultures




What is pride asked an Indian, what makes us proud asked an Indian? I will tell you who we Indians are, we Indians are those who are thankful to the God who not only blessed us but also gifted us a magnificent culture. India is always known for its culture and festivals followed and celebrated by different religion of people staying here.

India’s languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food and customs differ from place to place. Like a a woman giving a birth to a child in the same manner India is the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism and this is collectively known as Indian religion. As there are various people here who have different way of greeting Namaste which is common mode of greeting. Besides this Namaskar, Swagatam in Marathi, Namskara in Kannada, Namaskaram in Telugu, Vanhakkam in Tamil, Nomoshkaar in Bengali and Nomoskar in Assamee, Jai Jinendra in Jain and Jai Shri Krishna in Gujarati.

In India, Festivals are more  than the days in a year. Diwali the festival of light celebrated by almost each and every one, Holi is the festival of color and one of my favorite. I always wait for this festival to come and that Rang Barse, a well known Holi song is just awesome, Ganesh Chaturthi a festival where we welcome Lord Ganesha, worship and at the time of Visarjan, worshiper chant Ganpati bappa morya pudchya varshi laukar yeh where people have mixed feelings of sadness that Ganpati is going and on another hand happiness that Ganpati will come next year again.Navratri a festival of worshiping mother lord and the most amazing thing about festival is that people dance and play a different form of dance called as Dandya/Garba. With this there are some more festivals like Maha shivratri,Ram navmi, Durga puja, Rakshabandhan, dussehra and many more. India has rich wildlife, jungle also known to be as wilderness. Yes tiger is my favorite but more than that tiger is the national animal, peacock is the national bird of India and it is the symbol of holiness and nobility.


Indian culture also include one of its major stream known as Clothing. Clothing in India greatly varies across different parts of the country and is influenced by local culture, geography, climate and rural or urban settings. Dress includes sari for women and dhoti or lungi for men. The most important thing I noticed  the women’s use Bindi which is an essential part in make up, but beyond that Sindoor is applied by some women’s it is the traditional mark of a married women for Hindus in India.


Now my mouth has started watering because the most favorite and need source of our Indian people is food around our country. Food is the one that connects you through many people through many new religions of people  to vanish the hunger by sharing a happiness of food with others who are poor and can’t afford. Awesome is the street food around India and my most favourite one is Pani puri which has several other names in different states, true fact is going for street food on Sunday is the most challenging job in India, cakes and chocolate are the desserts but for me I thing Kheer, gulab jamun, Rasgulla rocks and all time best. The truth is that India is all time known for its love for food and spices.maxresdefault

India is a place where there is one out of seven wonders of the world that is no other than our own Taj mahal. Taj mahal wich was made by Shah Jahan to Mumtaz Mahal and in Hindi people had kept its nick name as – Pyar ki nishanni made in memory by Shah Jahan. Beyond this Taj Mahal itself is magnificent in its architecture field. Konark sun temple in Odisha is one of the world heritage sites and many more.taj-mahal-agra-india-free_327155

No end to words and feelings for my India which is vast and magnificent in its culture with these. My article comes up to an end hope you will like it but before going I would like to say INDIA INCREDIBLE INDIA!!!!!!!


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