(Left ) Mr.Ankit Madhukant Jain, (Middle) Mr.Yash Lisbon Sheth and (Right) Mr.Santosh Ashok Jani

(Left ) Mr.Ankit Madhukant Jain, (Middle) Mr.Yash Lisbon Sheth and (Right) Mr.Santosh Ashok Jani

Name: Yash L Sheth, Ankit M Jain, Santosh A Jani, Rahul P.           


Company:  LocalUstaad



Tell us something about yourself?

Yash – B.E(IT) -2012  Ankit- B.E(I)- 2012 Santosh- PG from UK, Rahul P- MCA


Tell us something about your business. 

LocalUstaad aims to take localization to a whole new level by marrying mapping technology with household services. Just like you use your phone to look for the next available cab that is closest to you, soon, you will be able to book the closest plumber or mechanic using LocalUstaad’s network of technicians mapped around your area, and pay online for their services.


What is your philosophy towards work?

Love what you do or love your work. It increases the productivity 100%.


Whom do you admire as your role model? And why?

I admire Mr.Dhirubhai Ambani, Mr.Ratan Tata, Mr.Jack Ma, all are for various reasons.

Mr.Ambani for his vision, Mr.Tata for the way he treats people and the managing skills he has, Mr.Jack Ma for his determination and spirit.


“Management is core to every individual, organization & society.” Give your views on it.

Managing things is the most important and most difficult thing to do in every phase may it be an individual, or an organization or in society. Starting a business in not at all difficult , infact it is the most easiest thing to do, but managing the business is very tough. It is rightly said that the management decides the future of a business.


Name 3 qualities of prime importance that a businessman should possess.

Leadership skills, Negotiating skills, & Patience


According to you, what are the challenges for Entrepreneurship today?

‘Failure’ is not accepted by society here which leads to many entrepreneurs giving up the entrepreneurship.


Can Entrepreneurship be taught in B-Schools/Management Institutes/Colleges?

According to me, entrepreneurship cannot be taught in B-Schools/Management Institutes/Colleges. It is a subject which one has to learn on its own and the only way to learn is getting various experiences which the theory won’t teach you in any institute.


Do you think today’s economy is conducive for a new venture to start upon?

Yes, this is the right phase for us in India for startups as I believe India is slowly transforming from a developing nation to a developed nation which opens the doors for many new ideas and new business. We are having the government that is promoting startups, we are attracting FDI in our market, people are taking the risk of trying something of their own and


Share with us the most enjoyable moment you had experienced on work.

Entrepreneurship journey is full of ups and downs and at the end of every day we learn things that we should avoid and things that we should continue doing. So it is not possible to write down the most enjoyable moment as we have it every day.


Your feedback for BMS.co.in?

It is a very good initiative started by you guys helping students to learn and get some knowledge from the company founders and I would wish you all the best and continue doing it.



For company profile kindly refer to the link www.yourstory.in/localustaad.

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