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We’ve been receiving many requests by students to publish some questions we think are important from the exam preparations perspective.

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Importance and Objectives and types of logistics and SCM

Logistics V/s SCM.

Material Handling

Costing Models in Logistics

Demand Forecasting

Logistics imp questions

Competitive Advantage by logistics management
Mrp drp
7rs of logistics
Cost of transportation and inventory
Multi modal transport
Differentiate between any 2 modes of transport
Warehousing benefits and Factors affecting warehouse location
Objectives and equipment of material handling
Inventory control model
Jit jit2 p and q system
Lis features
Performance measurement
Abc vs total cost approach
Need for logistics network
Inland container depot
Modern log infra

Also read: Prelim Paper for Logistics and one more prelim paper for logistics and scm

Let’s try to make this a two way exercise. While we gather the question banks, you might have some inputs on this too! Please use the comments box below and post questions that you think are important from your analysis. It would help the tybms community a lot.

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  1. salman 5 years ago

    what time logistic questions will it be uploaded ?

  2. Vikalp 5 years ago

    Sir really doing a great job providing us with then QB. It helps us lot.
    Looking forward for Logistics QB.

  3. Vanita 5 years ago

    Yaaa I also want to know that when ur going to upload logistics imp question bank its very urgent…

  4. kavita 5 years ago

    Chapter wise important question bank of logistics and scm 2015

  5. kavita 5 years ago

    When you will send us important questions of logistics and scm

  6. afrin 5 years ago

    anyone have chapterwise imp question bank plz send here

  7. Harsh 5 years ago

    Plz upload Imp asap

  8. sam 5 years ago

    Is logistics que bank uploaded plz reply

  9. Neha Salvi 5 years ago

    Sir plzz upload the question bank fast plzz

  10. Harsh 5 years ago

    Sir Plz upload its urgent plz be fast in upload
    I think you will update after exam

  11. Rahul Kataram 5 years ago

    Unit 1:-
    Chapter 1
    1. What is the mission of Logistics. With help of relevant
    examples explain integrated logistics.
    2. How can an organisation gain competitive edge with the
    help of Logistics
    3. With help of examples explain the different types of
    4. With help of relevant examples explain various functions
    of logistics
    5. Elaborate the significance of Logistics for a developing
    country like India
    6. What are the various objectives of Logistics
    7. Differentiate between SCM and Logistics
    8. Trace the evolution of Supply chain
    Chapter 2
    1. Explain Bull whip effect with examples. What are the
    causes and consequences of the same
    2. Differentiate between MRP and DRP
    Chapter 3
    1. What are the various customer service elements
    2. Explain the 7Rs of logistics with help of examples
    3. Explain customer order cycle with help of an example
    4. What are the reasons for doing demand forecasting
    5. What are the different methods of demand forecasting
    6. Numerical examples on moving averages and smoothing
    Unit 2:-
    Chapter 4
    1. Explain the different parties involved in the
    transportation process
    2. What are the different costs associated with
    3. Elaborate major features of Road and Rail transport
    4. Distinguish between water and air transport
    5. Explain Pipe line as a mode of transport
    6. Explain Multi modal modes of transportation with help
    of examples
    Chapter 5
    1. Explain the need of having a warehouse
    2. What are the economic and service benefits of having a
    3. Explain the different types of warehouses with
    4. What are the factors affecting the design of a
    5. What are the factors affecting the location of a
    Chapter 6
    1. Explain the important functions of packaging
    2. What are the different material handling equipments
    3. What are the objectives of material handling
    4. Explain the key drivers of reverse logistics
    Unit 3:-
    Chapter 7
    1. What are the functions of inventory
    2. What are the different cost associated with inventory
    3. State the relevance of Q system of inventory
    management and how is it different from P system
    4. What is EMI and how different is it from JIT
    5. Numerical on EOQ and reorder level
    6. What is EOQ. State the assumptions of the same and
    the limitations
    7. What are the different selective inventory control
    Chapter 8
    1. State the relevance of IT on logistics
    2. What is LIS and what are the key features of a good
    LIS system
    Unit 4:-
    Chapter 9
    1. Explain the significance of Logistics Audit
    2. What are the internal and external performance
    measurement techniques
    Chapter 10
    1. Explain the procurement process with help of examples
    2. What is ABC how is it different from Total cost
    3. Explain Mission based costing with example
    Chapter 11
    1. What is the need for a logistical network analysis
    2. Explain the need of Milk Run
    Chapter 12
    1. What are the objectives of ICDs
    2. What are the modern logistics infrastructure that could
    act as a boon for organisations.
    Case study:- Case study could come from situations arising
    out of transportation, warehousing, inventory management
    and network analysis.

  12. Vivek Tikhe 5 years ago

    Sir, you give your efforts, your time for the welfare of each and every BMSite . Unlocking YOUR EFFORTS late do nothing but we get very less time to gain maximum output from your efforts. Hoping that you soon unlock Logistic Imp QB! Thank You.

  13. riyaz 5 years ago

    Sir plz its a request, plz post the important question of logistics nd scm… mini xerox nikalna hai :p

  14. Amit Kawle 5 years ago

    From past 3 days the important questions usually come at 10pm sir it’s a request of possible to post as early as possible.

  15. sam 5 years ago

    Is inventory control model n inventiry control techniques r same

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