Do You Think You Have It In You To Lead A Team? Well BMS Interns Show You The Way It’s Done!



With the internship opportunities at you never know whats your next step like. It’s a roller coaster journey of a new bend and a new turn every time. Last week two of our interns got a chance to experience becoming team leaders for a week and what they discovered in themselves is something that will help them mold their  personality for the better in future.

Vatsal Doshi was one of those Team Leaders and this is what he said about his experience:

It was an awesome feeling to be called up to take the responsibility of a team and lead it. It was unexpected and somewhere I was happy, as you had seen potential in me for taking up that job.

My team: Jainam, Manal and Hinal along with their interns. It was a wonderful experience as it was the first time we got the opportunity to interact with each other. Individually i found that Hinal is a bit low in interactions. Might be because she is busy with her writing. Jainam is a good guy to talk to and Manal is also up to the mark. This opportunity encouraged me to think like a leader. I started learning how to interact with people and communicate well to get the things done. I believe that we all had a great time with each other as a team.
Unfortunately  I m  not satisfied with myself  in things like motivating sm interns to work effectively and to come up with new strategies for improving our rank! I’m striving to improve in those fields and even learn leadership qualities as learning is a never ending process!
Team BMS thanks Vatsal for his co-operation and appreciates his efforts, way to go!

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