service management


Service Management is a tool through which a company can optimize inventory, reduce high service costs, optimize customer service, increase service revenue, reduces obsolescence costs and improves customer satisfaction levels.

Service management subject aims to provide an understanding and acquaints DU BMS students with decision making in planning, design, delivery, quality and scheduling of service operations even in global scale. DU BMS students are also expected to appreciate the role of service quality in emerging service economy of India in relation to international business environment.

Here we present Delhi University TYBMS Sem 5 Syllabus – Service Management:

Unit 1 – 8 lectures

  1. Introduction to Services
  2. Nature of Services
  3. Characteristics of Services – Intangibility, Inconsistency, Inseparability and Inventory
  4. Search, experience and credence attributes
  5. Classification of services
  6. Consumer versus industrial services
  7. Importance of services marketing
  8. Every business a service business
  9. Service as key differentiator for manufacturing industries

Unit 2 – 10 lectures

  1. Service marketing mix
  2. Introduction to the 7 Ps of service marketing mix
  3. Product-service continuum
  4. Standalone service products
  5. Service products bundled with tangible products
  6. Service life cycle
  7. Services distribution
  8. Promotion
  9. Pricing
  10. People
  11. Physical evidence
  12. Process

Unit 3 – 12 lectures

  1. Matrix of service characteristics
  2. Challenges in operations management of services
  3. Aggregate capacity planning for services
  4. Facility location and layout for services
  5. Job and work design
  6. Safety and physical environment
  7. Effect of automation
  8. Operations standards and work measurement
  9. Measurement and control and improvement of quality of services

Unit 4 – 12 lectures

  1. Concept of a total quality service
  2. Dynamics of service delivery system
  3. Aggregate planning for services
  4. Scheduling for service personnel and vehicles
  5. Inventory management in services
  6. Supply chain and distribution of services
  7. Total productive maintenance (TPM) in services
  8. Case studies of exemplary professional services
  9. Concept of total quality (TQ) in services
  10. Determinants of service quality
  11. Components of TQ Loop
  12. Elements of a TQM system
  13. Developing service quality culture and ethics
  14. Trust, value, integrity and responsibility

Unit 5 – 14 lectures

  1. Quality policy and organization
  2. Service quality costs
  3. Design for quality
  4. Failsafing
  5. Service quality deployment
  6. Benchmarking
  7. Q-7 and new Q-7 tools
  8. Assessment of customer feedback and satisfaction
  9. Walk through audit
  10. Use of scales like SERVQUAL and LODGESERVE
  11. Service quality gaps analysis
  12. Customer value analysis
  13. Human aspects of service quality
  14. Total employee involvement and empowerment
  15. Suggestion system
  16. Benchmarking
  17. Implementing service quality
  18. Complaints handling and service recovery
  19. Unconditional service guarantee and refunds
  20. Integrating service quality with environment
  21. Safety and supply chain
  22. Total service quality management systems
  23. Assessment, accreditation and audits.


Textbooks and References:

  1. Service America: Doing business in the new economy – Albrecht, K, and Zemke, R
  2. Service management: operating decisions – Collier, D.A.
  3. Services marketing – Tata McGraw Hill
  4. Service Management Effectiveness – Bowen, D.E., Chase, R.B., & Cummings, T.G.
  5. Service Management Effectiveness: Balancing Strategy, Organization and Human Resources, Operations and Marketing – Bowmen, D.E.
  6. Service Management and Operations – Haksever, C, Render, B, Russell, R.S., & Murdic, R.G.
  7. Service Management for Competitive Advantage – Fitzsimmons, J.A, & Fitzsimmons, M.
  8. Service Operations Management – Fitzsimmons, J.A. & Sullivan, R.S.
  9. Service Breakthroughs, Changing the Rules of the Game – Heskett, J.L.
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