“Criticism” —- by hearing this word, people can only think of negative criticisms….


For example—if a topic or situation is given,some stay silent some are outspoken and will give their opinions or criticisms. Even the people who are outspoken will never think for a while that are they giving the criticism diplomatically as criticisms can create arguments or fights.

Even some are so indifferent about giving opinions that they just say “I like it” even they don’t know the situations or haven’t seen anything and just say i like it despite they don’t like it. Just to make others happy or making their impression good they say this statement to avoid arguments and fights.

To avoid all these type of situations and even if criticisms should be given then it should be constructive criticism that means to give a criticism which will lead to improvement, constant growth i.e.to give a value addition feedback. This type of constructive criticism will help not to give personal opinion but to give a feedback or suggestion which would lead to constructive growth and lead to excellence.

Everyone should avoid negative criticisms as it will just say about personal opinions, needs, desires and it will just lead to arguments, fights and no one will lead to progress. Telling a constructive criticism that means telling a criticism which is positive in attitude and not addressed to a single person but all will be benefited by it.

For an example——-
Poor way of criticizing ———–
1) That presentation sucks, no one will get attracted to it.
2)The font should be different, i hate it.
3)I just hate the background of the project

Proper way of constructive criticism———-
1) The presentation can be made in a more professional way to make it more presentable.
2) This font will not be readable and potential customers and suppliers will not be attracted.
3)The text color and background is not matching we can try something else.

So thus, it can be seen that criticism is good or bad —its you who have to decide as it totally depends on how a person takes a criticism….some take as a building tower or some may take as storm which will not give anything and will destroy everything…….

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I am Dhara Shah, a BMS graduate, a friendly person with a happy go lucky nature but cannot stand by lies in front of me, sometimes stubborn as well. I am fun loving kinda person and talkative too.

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