Sport is a recreational activity done for fun, entertainment, health, team work and peace. There are many popular sports around like Football, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby etc these are popular and watched by millions of people around the world. But there are some unique and bizarre sports which are crazy and just so different, played in some particular regions, just watch out these sports who knows may be you might find your hidden sporting talent.

Pig Racing

The tournament is held in Melbourne, Australia. Pigs race in a circuit and try to win the race.. that is all it is. Pigs are trained ofcourse, at the end of the race they jump into a pool. Ever seen a flying pig?


Played mainly in Asia, in countries like India and Pakistan but now it has grown worldwide and there have been World Championships. You know the rules, 7 players in each team, one player is sent to the opponent’s area and his job is to tag as many opponents as possible and the opponents will try to hold him until he stops speaking kabbadi and his breath is out.


It is played in Ireland. It is played by fifteen players and is a combination of handball,, football, hockey. It is declared officially as the fastest game on the grass. Players have to score goals, they can use hands while the ball is in the air and the stick when it’s in the ground. This sport is mainly played in Ireland as other countries find it dangerous.


The famous game from the Harry Potter story, It is impossible to play the original Quidditch in real world but a Muggle Quidditch has been created and has become popular as it has a Quidditch World Cup tournament. The rules are same except there is no flying, players run around keeping broomstick between their legs, the snitch is a human who is running around with a tennis ball. Volleyball is used as quaffle and Dodgeball as Bludgers.

Tug of War

Tug of war is simple, there is a rope and there are two teams of 8 people who will try to pull one rope in their direction to take the opponent team out. This sport once used to be in the Olympics, it is an ancient sport and still popular.

Chess Boxing

It is a combination of Mind and Body. This requires a strong mind who can play chess and a strong physique who can have a boxing match. A Chess and a boxing game is played simultaneously.


In this sport a player sits in transparent ball and rolls down from a hill. Crazy and bumpy game but surely a fun.

– Jainam Jhaveri

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