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Corporate Training – Group Discussions and Personality Development
Basically, personality development is the improvement of behavior, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, attitude towards life and ethics. Character can be considered the basic factor in determining and individual’s personality. There are several psychologists who say that improving character and behavior alone will largely influence one’s personality. It is a fact that all other factors behind a powerful personality will become useless if the person lacks a good character and behavior.
Personality is like a building. Just as a building can exist only when it has a strong foundation, a personality can impress others only when it has a formidable basis. And the strong foundation is supplied by character and behavior. If personality is developed on the solid base of values and ethics, it will last forever. Fake smiles and mannerisms may attract others for a comparatively short period. However they are shot-lived and do not help in improving one’s personality.

Good behavior and co-operation makes a man popular. As a result the possibilities of his progress and success are much more. Different people have different opinions about what makes a man’s personality complete. There are several scientists who have the view point that character does not form a part of personality, but Seven Covey, one of the all time great authors and motivators says the best personality should be based on the solid foundation of character.

The person who wants to improve his personality has to have a desire and determination; he has to identify the direction for his goals to achieve it. Once all the above three steps are taken he has to dedicate himself to the task of achieving his goal. Every human being is a unique creature. therefore, in addition to the various common components, each one should develop his or her characteristics of personality. Always remember that blindly following someone else who is successful will never take you in the direction right for you.

There are immense possibilities within you to develop your personality with strong character you must recognize and understand them. The key to success is hidden with you. The wealth you have earned is not important but what is important is the means you have adopted for acquiring that wealth. Your personality, your capabilities, your thoughts and your ideals are all very important in determining your character.

Our Course comprise of Personality Development through “Dramatics” and “Acting” wherin students would be taught developing their personality through small skits and some scenes of dramatics.It would be a fun lecture involving much of a physical exercises and mental games which can help students increase their memory and can be used for convincing the clients for bigger sales and marketing which is the current necessity.

Lecture Schedule:
A)Break your Shell Exercises.A good Public Figure is like a Clay so first lesson would be “Break your Shell and Come out like a Pearl”.
Different ways and exercises doing it.
(Dur-20 mins)
B)Trust Games-The purpose would be to develop unity amongst the team and to increase Team work mentality.(Dur-15 mins)
C)Mirror Exercises.(Dur-15 mins)
D)  1.Action If
2.Time Self Space
3.Emotional Memories
4.Your observation Memories(Clients/Marketing)
5.Third Eye-Always give a surprise to your client not on the house but on your account.
(Dur-40 mins)
E)Pick anything for Multipurpose like a flower,dry leaf etc.(Dur-30 mins)
F)Making Collarge of favourite Subject/Boss/Actor/Idol/Upcoming Dreams.(Dur-40 mins)
G)Farewell to materialistic things and farewell person to person,then shav aasna & then you will wake up and you will find a new person born in you in a different dimension.(Dur-50 mins)
H)Between Main Courses:
1)How to Begin your talk,
2)Selection of Alphabets,
3)Improvisation of unwanted things into positive things,
4)Your original voice,Your voice modulation,
5)How to improve your Diction/Body Language,
6)What is Fashion?
7)What is Dress Sense?
8)What is Dress Code?(Why and How)
9)Time Management,
10)How to make your speech interesting,easy,light,
11)Interview Phobia.
(Dur-130 mins)
3 Tea breaks for 10 mins each(30 mins)
1 Lunch Break with the students(30 mins)
10 mins for Smoking and Flying zone.

The above points are in brief what we are going to teach in the half day lecture which would be of 400 mins including the Tea and Lunch break.The Timings would be anytime increased or perfect as it depends on the Physical Activities of the participants.

Anurag Talpade-9930730324.

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