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As you may be aware that the paper would be now a 75 marks one with 2.5 hr duration. There would be 5 units each of 15 marks each. The last question would be a case study. Question 1 to 4 would be from unit 1 to 4 respectively.  No concepts would be asked.

Please find the attached list of all possible questions. A set of some important questions from board perspective would be passed on around October mid.

Students are requested to go through the entire syllabus. However the tentative questions from every unit are as follows:-

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Unit 1:-

Chapter 1

  1. Elaborate the distinctive characteristics of services
  2. What are the implications of the features of services
  3. How are services classified
  4. What are the reasons of growth of services in India
  5. What is the significance of goods service consortium

Chapter 2

  1. What is the impact of external macro environment on service marketing
  2. What are the factors that are stimulating the transformation of service marketing in India

Chapter 3

  1. What are the types of buying behaviour
  2. What is zone of tolerance and its significance on marketing of services
  3. What are the elements involved in service encounters
  4. What are the types of service encounters

Unit 2:-

Chapter 4

  1. Explain 7ps of service marketing with relationship to a specific service ie tourism/banking/education/healthcare/insurance/airline
  2. Explain the service life cycle
  3. Explain pricing strategies in services
  4. How do you design a service process
  5. What are the steps in service benchmarking
  6. What is the role of physical evidence in services

Chapter 5

  1. What is the difference in positioning between goods and services
  2. What are the steps involved in service positioning
  3. How is market segmentation done in services
  4. What is the basis of market segmentation of services

Chapter 6

  1. What are the different strategies to manage demand to match capacity
  2. Explain the different demand situation in services


Chapter 7

  1. What is the significance of branding in services
  2. Explain the different types of branding in services


Unit 3:-

Chapter 8

  1. What are the different determinants of service quality
  2. Explain the GAP model with an help of an example
  3. Explain the SERVQUAL model

Chapter 9

  1. Explain the strategies to improve service productivity

Chapter 10

  1. What are service failures and what are their implications
  2. How can an organisation get an effective service recovery
  3. What are the guidelines for effective problem resolution
  4. What is procedural justice
  5. What is service guarantee

Unit 4:-

Chapter 11

  1. What are the functions of service leader
  2. Explain the dimension of service leadership
  3. What are the steps in service blue printing
  4. What are the steps in service benchmarking

Chapter 12

  1. What is moment of truth
  2. Explain the service trinity triangle

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    Sir unit 2 is vast is it okay.If I just do these questions for unit 2 only , others I’ll do everything

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    hrm imp

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