There is no question that humankind has made tremendous strides into the field of science and technology right from the beginning of 21st century. This gave rise to the concept or technique of human intelligence with the aid of engineering. The concept of artificial intelligence was used earlier in making of computer programs. The object behind the invention of AI’s (artificial intelligence) is to design computer software’s that can resolve any problems or difficulties and accomplish the goals or objective that are desired by the humans.


Human intelligence is not a single ability but is rather a composition of abilities like learning, reasoning, problem solving, perception and understanding of language. Since ancient times, people have been thinking of designing machines that will replicate or replace human intelligence. General intelligence is their long-term goal of the scientist. By general intelligence, they mean to incorporate or add in other aspects like social intelligence, judgment, commonsense, robotics and self-awareness into machines. It is the dream of the researcher or scientist is to produce a machine that has the capacity for wisdom and the ability to feel.

Artificial intelligence can be utilized in the completion of repetitive and time-consuming tasks efficiently. Intelligent machines can be employed to do certain dangerous tasks. Machines equipped with artificial intelligence can be made to thoughtfully plan towards the fulfillment of tasks and accordingly adjust their parameters such as their speed and time. They can be made to act quickly, unaffected by anything like emotion and take the tasks towards perfection. Intelligent machines can replace human beings in many areas of work. Robots can do certain laborious tasks. Painstaking activities, which have long been carried out by humans can be taken over by the robots. Owing to the intelligence programmed in them, the machines can shoulder responsibility to a certain extent. They can be made to manage themselves and their time to complete the assigned tasks. Robots can think logically and take the right decisions. Robots are made in use in space exploration, used to dig for fuels, used for mining purposes; the intelligence of machines can harness for exploring the depths of oceans. These machines serve human so well especially, where human intelligence has serious limitations.

Machines or robot may complete difficult tasks, which is difficult by human being. However, it is ethically or morally not correct to replace human beings with robots or machines. Intelligence is gift of nature, which should not be put in into a machine just because it works better than human being does. It may lead to a numerous problems if done such they will lack creative thinking in them, which leads to repeated use of techniques, and no development in them, if robots begin replacing humans in every field, it may lead to unemployment. People will be left with nothing to do. Empty time may result in its destructive use. Thinking machines will govern all the fields and populate all positions pre-occupied by people.

Apart from all these issues, there is a fear of robots superseding us! Ideally, human beings should continue being the masters of machines. If things turn the other way round, the world will turn into chaos. Intelligent machines may prove to be smarter than we are; they might enslave us and start ruling the world. Man’s greedy creativity may endanger humankind! (Just like what happen in the film, ROBOT).hence Artificial intelligence can help alleviate the difficulties faced by man but intelligent machines can never be ‘human’.

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