Business Ethics Question Bank 1 Day Before The Exam 2014 (ONLY for Revision Purpose)


 Hi BMSites,

Hope your Logistics paper was easy and good. We came to know from students and faculties also that today’s paper was the easiest one till date as compared to previous University question papers. To our surprise, even the case study was simple.

In logistics, 4-5 questions came from our 1-day before exam question bank and as you all have exams back-to-back without any break for ethics and marketing / finance, we will be providing you the IMP questions by 4pm.


1) Do you want to know what’s going to be the Business Ethics exam paper pattern?

Check here —–> Revised TYBMS Sem 5 Paper Pattern for November 2014 (75 Marks) Exams


2) Do you want excellent tips, tricks, strategies to understand Business ethics subject?

Check the below links:

3) Do you want tips and tricks to solve Business Ethics Case studies?
4) Do you want Mumbai University Question Papers of Business Ethics of past years?



5) Do you want to quickly revise Business ethics concepts?

Check here —-> Business Ethics Concept Testing


6) Do you want chapter-wise Important questions for Business ethics?

Check here —-> Question Bank on Business Ethics and CSR 2014

 Business Ethics Important Questions By Vipin Saboo Tutorials


Important question bank 1 day before the exam :

1)      Business ethics – Importance, Indian perspective

2)      Ethical issues in IT

3)      Role of business in society

4)      Corporate governance – scope, principles, features, Cadbury committee, Birla committee

5)      CSR – Arguments, examples, CSR for various groups

6)      Triple bottom line

P.S. The above questions may or may not come in the exams. They are listed here only for revision purpose. We are not liable / responsible if the questions are not asked in the exams. All the best!




7) Do you want to solve Prelims papers of various coaching classes and colleges?

Check the below links of 17 prelims papers:

  1. Prelim 1 – Business ethics and corporate social responsibilities
  2. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 by Ganesha Classes
  3. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper I 2014 – Navigator Tutorials
  4. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper II 2014 – Navigator Tutorials
  5. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper III 2014 – Navigator Tutorials
  6. Ganesha Classes Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014
  7. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 – Jinall Classes
  8. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 – SIA College
  9. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 – S.K. Somaiya College
  10. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper II 2014 – S.K. Somaiya College
  11. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 – Changu Kana Thakur College
  12. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 – Shankar Narayan College
  13. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 – Oriental College
  14. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 – S.I.W.S College
  15. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 – Patkar College
  16. Business Ethics Question Paper 2014 – K.J. Somaiya College
  17. Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014 – Bhavans College



SOLVED CASE STUDIES OF BUSINESS ETHICS — CHECK HERE ————-> Business Ethics Solved Case Studies Asked in Mumbai University TYBMS Sem 5 Exams – Navigator Tutorials


Theory Question and Answers discussed here. Please check the links below :

  1. What are the Features of Ethical organization?
  2. What are the benefits of rights?
  3. What are the rights of Entrepreneur?
  4. What are the benefits of Duties?
  5. Explain the Role of Manager
  6. Explain the Seven Characteristics of Corporate Governance?
  7. What is Institutional Theory?
  8. What is Sociological Theory?
  9. What is Political Theory?
  10. What is Resource Dependency Theory?
  11. What is Shareholders Theory?
  12. What is Stewardship Theory?
  13. What is Transaction Cost Theory?
  14. Explain the models of Corporate Governance?
  15. What are the rights of shareholders?
  16. What are the Rights of Investors?
  17. Explain the Role of Professional Management for creating goodwill business?
  18. What is Agency Theory?
  19. Explain the Role of NGO’s and International agencies in CSR
  20. Explain the need/benefits of ethics
  21. Explain the relevance of CSR in contemporary society
  22. Explain the CSR Debate






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    its really going on so complex for me to understand whats going on on this site. Earlier it was so easy and i was able to understand on this site; which things i wanted in which section and all. Please highlight the main important points of TYBMS section of Semester V and Semester VI, with Reference Books, Black Book and how to study well etc.

    I also want to highlight that there are irrelevant advertisements which distracts and break the link while searching what i want. Please remove those adds as this is an Education site and not something time pass stuff..!!!
    – thanks.

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