Section A


1) What do you mean by the following terms? (15 marks)

a) Applied Ethics

b) Purushartha

c) Rights of Investors

d) Workers Exploitation

e) Morality v/s Legality

2) Case Study:

Mr. Vir Sinha, M.D. Natural Beverages Ltd., was looking at the “AD Punchline” created by his product manager Jatin Shah. He was taken aback by the claim that their new product “NATU-RAS” energy drink is “The best fitness plan for your health –real fruit and no sugar”.

Jatin Shah, the product manager, was little uneasy when asked by his M.D. as to how we can claim “Best health plan drink” when they know that they are preservatives and permissive food colours. Jatin defended by saying that all shampoo and hair oil advertisements, also make similar hyper claims as a mode of communicating superiority of their respective brands.

a) Discuss, how in this case the question of ethics in advertising has been linked to persuasive product communication for “NATU-RAS”. (8 marks)

b) What ethical advice you will give to Mr. Vir Sinha to develop a persuasive advertisement, without compromising on the ethical aspects of advertising. (7 marks)


Section B

3) Business is related to making profit, whereas Ethics deal with right or wrong. Therefore, Business and ethics are not related to each other. Discuss (10 marks)

4) Discuss Bhopal Gas Tragedy and various ethical issues involved in it. Did Union carbide ignore ethical issues? (10 marks)

5) Discuss the role and responsibilities of Society in CSR?  (10 marks)

6) What do we mean by Business Ethics and what are the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in it? (10 marks)

7) Write short notes on any two of the following: (10 marks)

a) Ethical issues in E-Commerce

b) Agency theory of corporate governance

c) Child labour

d) Pre-requisites and incentives as required for Corporate Governance.

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