Business Environment Question Bank FYBMS 2019

Please note that these are a set of important questions, however the whole syllabus needs to be done well. For any further clarifications, please feel free to contact Prof Vipin Saboo on 9820779873


Paper pattern:-
Q1. Objectives (15 marks)
Q2. Full length questions (2 sets of 2 questions each. Attempt any one set)
Q3. Full length questions (2 sets of 2 questions each. Attempt any one set)
Q4. Full length questions (2 sets of 2 questions each. Attempt any one set)
Q5. Short notes (3 of 5)

Unit 1
1. Explain the features of business
2. Explain the role and importance of business
3. Explain joint stock companies, partnership companies and sole proprietorship
4. Explain the need to business environment analysis
5. Short notes:- Micro vs macro environment, SWOT analysis
6. Explain the components of micro and macro environment
Unit 2
1. Explain the role of government in business
2. Explain capitalist and mixed economy
3. Explain the impact of business on private and joint sector
4. Explain some sun rise sector in India
5. Explain the key challenges of the Indian economy
Unit 3
1. Explain the impact of cultural and traditional value system on business
2. Short notes:- features and benefits of social audit
3. Explain the objectives of corporate governance
4. Explain the social responsibilities of business towards shareholder, employees and
5. Explain the impact of technology on business
6. Explain Porter’s 5 force analysis
7. Explain strategies for defending the market share and niche markets
Unit 4
1. SN TRIPS, TRIMS, features of economic policy 1991
2. Role of WTO
3. Explain features of globalisation
4. Explain the foreign market entry strategies
5. Explain the merits and demerits of MNC
6. What are the factors influencing FDI flows
7. Explain the challenges faced by foreign companies in India

Text books recommended
1. Sheth Publications,
2. Vipul Publications

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Education Qualification: BMS- N M College (University Rank Holder) PGDBM- Sydenham College M Com- College topper Mr Vipin Saboo has been associated with the following institutes as a visiting faculty Lords college, Malad Patkar College, Goregoan Saraf college, Malad Dalmia college, Malad St Andrews College, Bandra Wilson College, Grant Road Thakur college, Kandivili L N College, Kandivili N K College, Malad Dhanukar College, Vile Parle St Xaviers College, Marine Lines Shroff College, Kandivili KES College, Khar Mr.Vipin Saboo also has more than 5 years of industry expertise with corporate like CRISIL, Motilal Oswal Investment Banking and Yes Bank. Mr. Saboo has also published a text book on Logistics and Supply Chain Management for TYBMS Students.
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