Revealed Reasons Behind … BUNKING!




Life was faraway different when we were in school. Following rules, doing regular homework, being regular and the most important going to school regularly with the 100 % attendance. Absenteeism was only found when we REALLY were sick or any other serious reasons. This was the story line and then we entered college. The 100% attendance started to wrestle for a living. It’s the fact how we humans when given options – start chequeing our horizons. And it’s always to the end. Skipping classes, bunking and staying at home or out was the new chapter introduced as soon as we came to college. And we adapted it.
Now skipping a class has some good reasons too to your surprise, rather than the bad ones which are in more swing.
The bad reasons of skipping classes/lectures are below. Which one do you fall in???



#1. The Villain Subject

Going college is already boring and on the top when you have some really head breaking boring class – the plan surely turns down. It’s only to maintain the attendance balance you sacrifice and are found on the last bench of the lecture. And luckily if the class seems interesting to you, you plan to sit for it the next time. Or else it’s a displeasure work always.

#2. Tiredness.
Being sick is a different thing and being tired is different. Being young college students we are always tired and exhausted. No one in the world needs sleep as we do. Leaving the bed and get set go – for the day – the tiredness rejects the plan. You think it’s better to rest for a day; you will gain enough energy for tomorrow. The tomorrow never comes. So just fling your bed and be young. Go out and experience the good day.

#3. Bunker friends.
You are sincere for the day and have decided to attend the classes with determination. And there comes your friends who greeds you away with the lollipop to break your determination, make you greedy to leave the class and you sadly end up bunking. Remember about your bright future at such times and stick to your determination either. Seriously! 😛


#4. The easy subject.

We are born as Einstein and Adam smith. Dealing with an easy subject is a cake walk and since we don’t find any “KICK” in it we better find skipping the easy class. Skipping this doesn’t give us the pinch of missing the studies. We know we are going to finish it off easily in the midnight lamp.

#5. Not prepared.
There is no use to sit for a discussion class when you are not prepared. Or it’s foolish to sit in the class when your assignments are not complete. Facing the embarrassment is not our walk. Rather feeling stupid and sorrowful, and facing those entire bad students feeling we find it much much easier to skip the class.

#6. The last call …Tiredness
Fortunately you are determined and attending all the lectures of the day, and surviving till the end. Thoughts of food, the green trees outside and your friend’s starts making you realize your disloyalty and you feel better to go out and breathe the air and set yourself free. And then you break up with your determination. Or else you always have your “lets bunk, let’s bunk” friends.


#7. The voluntary bunk.
Taking a good break and setting the tiredness free by planning the perfect BUNK. Deciding the place, chequing wallet, informing friends and we are done. It’s always fun. The memories of bunking stays …then any joke shared in the class. But too much bunking is again injurious to your attendance.

Officially bunking a class is wrong since your each class have great things to teach you for your beaming future and is really important. Being unaware of what is happening in academics or about any assignments is not good. But yes there are also some benefits of skipping a class too.


#1. Sickness.
If you are really sick and suffering from flu, malaria, or stomach infection – stay at home. And not the dummy sickness which is ever ready to fall from our tongue.
#2. Emergencies.
It’s obvious. Missing an emergency situation because of a class is not right. Also coming to college during emergencies is important. You are having a great seminar held, and a great person is coming in and you are snoring at home – this won’t do.

ALERT: Laziness in skipping classes and all the other reasons shared above – Remember today it’s your class tomorrow it would be your job. Don’t get fired too quickly without a good enough reason. Shrug off the lazy cells out of you and go to class. Love your studies, love your work!
BY                              – SANGITA MAITY.

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