Bombay Prism – 7 Things I Like About Mumbai


I have been living in Mumbai from the day I remember my existence. Mumbai- the place of dreams coming true has always been my favorite & everyone’s fascination. Want to explore & go all around Mumbai in just 15 minutes? Come on, let’s start the journey.


  1. Hanging Out At Marine Drive- 


The ‘place of Bliss’ – Marine Drive is the ultimate destination for anyone who wish to enjoy their time to the fullest. Sitting on the carved rocks, feeling the cool breeze blowing our hairs off the face, relishing the raw mango in summer, simply staring at the vast sea to its horizon & getting lost in it, the couples & the lovebirds romancing by the shore, savoring the tasty, juicy, salty, hot corn & enjoying the waves during rainy season, watching the roof-topless ‘Mumbai Darshan’ bus going by where people go Ooh-lah-la with their family & friends & the most sight of the most magnificent, scintillating Queen’s Necklace by the evening time are all the ecstatic sights one gets to experience. All these small happiness you will enjoy nowhere but Mumbai. This spot is sure to leave you craving to come back again.


  1. World’s Tastiest Roadside Food enjoyed with Friends


We all relish rich food in a luxurious ambience at outings with our parents. But everything seems less when we compare it with the roadside ‘Vada-Pavs’ & chaat we had with our friends. It leaves behind unforgettable, pleasant memories. The tastiest Mango milkshake at Bandra for just Rs. 30 is splendid. The mouthwatering Chinese stalls set up at every nook & corner is utterly delicious.

The pavbhaji stalls, dabeli & vada pav vendors & chaat stalls at every corner of the road helps the Mumbaikars to not lose their pace in this fast-moving city.


  1. The Travelling Saga-

travelling in mumbai

Nothing beats the killer experience of travelling in Mumbai. Apart from the fact that it’s exhausting, it’s actually…fun! Hop in, Hop out anytime you want! The majority are going to  hang out of the the doors of the local trains & BEST buses with the wind in their face! Of course, it is a VERY dangerous thing to do, but when you live in a city like Mumbai, you become a professional at almost everything! (Yes, even crossing tracks between trains).


  1. Festivals with a cry of Enjoyment-


Mumbai, being such a multi-cultural city, houses the best venues when it comes to festivals being celebrated. Be it Christmas, Diwali, New Year or Holi, this is one city where music can never stop playing! All day long, all day night, there’s a sense of celebration and an enthusiasm of togetherness when it comes to celebrating a festival! Diwali (The Festival of Lights) & Navratri are two festivals I’d hate to miss! Mainly cause of the sense of belonging to one big family that exists in any society! Also at home, there’s always a mad atmosphere because everyone’s either baking something or making sweets for the neighbors to be distributed! And apart from food being sent around, there’s always a constant entry of guests like as if home were a nightclub! Gossip and Merry laughter are one of the few admirable things that haunt the air of a society during such a time! Everyone is happy! Everyone is smiling! Everyone is…in the festive spirit of celebration!


  1. The Big-Hearted People- 


If you are lost in the crowd of this busy city, people are the best navigators. If you want to reach to a place they will provide you with every minute detail. Mumbaikars are really king & gentle at heart. If you face any accident or any mishap, 1000 of them will gather & get ready to help you out. Mumbai is because of its people!

  1. The Most Fashionable Roadside Shopping- 

roadside shopping

No mall or any big shopping centre can beat Mumbai’s Fashion-street, Bandra’s Linking Road & the Colaba Causeway. They are the best shopping chains. One can bargain to the core & purchase their favorites in their desired prices. Totally attractive & stylish, they have it all. From outfits to accessories, foot wears to cosmetics, it’s very exciting to flaunt with the things you buy from here!


  1. Want to Earn a Buck? No Problem! 

A cashier counts Indian rupee currency notes inside a bank in Mumbai

Don’t we all need that little pocket money to enjoy our college days? And as we grow up, so do our demands! Mumbai, being a big enough city for numerous opportunities, is a struggle to survive in, but where does life become a challenge then? Want a boring old lazy life, don’t go there! The pay not be shimmering, neither the ‘quality’ of your employer! But the experience and the ‘training’ one goes through is indispensable! Working in Mumbai…makes you tough! With variety of internships, the students get to enjoy the Edutainment while earning some money at the same time. The exposure you get from surroundings and your bosses!


Whatever it may be, a terrorist attack or a disastrous flood, bomb blasts or riots, Mumbai keeps moving forward without coming to a halt. With its people’s ‘Never-Say-Die’ attitude, Mumbai faces each & every challenge that comes its way & keeps moving on…





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BMS Team aims to help the BMS students all over Mumbai colleges, empower BMSites and revolutionize management education. If you wish to be a part of our core team, write to


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