BMS Students Feeling Ditched And Plan To Cancel Admissions In Mumbai University


{Disclaimer: Stories in this section are works of fiction intended to bring a smile to your face. They bear no connection to events and characters in real life.}


Last Friday, Mumbai University had conducted an academic meeting to discuss about issues that is bothering BMS students and possible solutions to resolve them. The ATKT system may be scrapped and few changes in the 75:25 credit and grading system are expected after further discussions in the coming meetings and after the approval of all the key academic council members, the university is planning to make an official announcement. Although the decision is beneficial for the students, many of the BMS students were shocked to find that University is seriously taking some good steps in improving the course curriculum.

“This is unfair. I mean I did not join BMS because for such shit. If passing easily without getting an ATKT and getting good marks in internal exams through presentations and projects was what I was interested in, then I would have joined any other foreign university which has good curriculum, practical knowledge and fair ways of completing the course” argued a BMS student, pointing to the appreciation the university is getting for coming up with such solutions for the problems faced by BMS students since years. “This is ridiculous. I have seen my brother and his friends waiting for nearly 3 to 6 months for their revaluation and ATKT results. They weren’t able to enroll for MBA and weren’t getting jobs because their results weren’t declared on time. I joined BMS because I thought I also will be able to enjoy my life and keep cribbing about the results and put the entire blame on University if any of my relative asks why I am not working after graduation. This is not done. We are feeling disgusting,” said another BMS student who was expecting a lot more drama, emotional atyaachaar and frustrations during and after the BMS course. While most BMS students were feeling cheated and disappointed, some were still thinking that scrapping ATKT system wouldn’t materialize and they shouldn’t jump to any conclusions so soon.

“I am praying to my ‘Babaji’ day and night and keeping my fingers crossed. I hope my worst fears of scrapping the ATKT exam system doesn’t come true and like every year the University comes up with interesting ideas to entertain us like changing the syllabus few weeks before the exams, postponing the exams, re-exam due to minor errors in the question papers, declaring the results of previous semester after Sem 6 exams, tough paper checking and many many more such antics for which we are a huge fan of the university,” said a BMS student who was confident that the decision would not be supported by everyone and BMS students will struggle during and after the course as usual like they were doing since the past 15 years.

Many BMS students from different colleges feel ditched and have threatened to cancel their admissions as soon as their college reopens irrespective of what will happen to their future. “I don’t mind starting my studies all over again. I will cancel my third year admissions and apply for another university and start a new course. I joined BMS because I love adventure and was eagerly awaiting to go through all the different types of frustrating emotions in my last year,” said a BMS student from one of the average Mumbai colleges.

{Disclaimer: Stories in this section are works of fiction intended to bring a smile to your face. They bear no connection to events and characters in real life.}


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P.S. We completely support BMS students and respect Mumbai University and this section of articles is fictitious, intended to entertain the readers, to be considered as a spoof or parody and not to be taken seriously or as fact.  

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