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Well BMS ko bol diya and humne MU ki pol ko khol diya! In our very first article of the BMS ko bol denge section, we came across a BMS alumni who has suffered a lot due to a ‘silly human error.’ In the last academic year a BMS student appeared for his Sem 6 university exams and ensured all his KT’s were cleared by that time so that he can be a proud graduate like all his batchmates.

Little did he know that his fate was in for a toss and all his efforts were going to go in vain! After the exams when the results came out it showed him unsuccessful and eventually he realized that he had gotten a KT.

But his self- confidence questioned him after all he had worked really hard! After severe investigation he found out that there was a fault at the opposite end and due to human errors his marks had been entered incorrect. The digits had been reversed and this declared him a failure.

Crest fallen and upset when his family enquired about the incident at the university all they got was, “insaan se galti ho jati hai” type of answers. Still he awaits his corrected results for the sixth semester and this delay of an entire year has cost him much more than his reputation.

His work visa in a popular gulf country was rejected as he can’t be classified as a graduate and he had to take up a lower post. All his hard work in clearing up his KT’s and simultaneously appearing for the sixth Sem which is a very difficult task in itself got wasted.

We students expect much more those who classify us as graduates than lame answers like, “insaan se galti ho jati hai”! don’t we?

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