Why are we social if we live in society?




If you know a little of social animals, you would always point out ants termites or even ourselves. But what is the meaning of being social. Is it being socially alive on internet? Or being alive in. Community service ? We are all only social in society not everything else is just non existing . All of this sounds very hysterical but think about it you are born in a house but due to society it were to be called religion. In traditional sense you are born twice once in yourself others for the society.

So due to us being born in a society the concept of us being social only remains to interactions .For example an ant will have workers army producers and a queen working for each other ensuring their survival and equal welfare. But if these ants were to get smarter stronger and better they would only look out for their own section and split up into families ? No they won’t but the society would make them do that so far all the people who are social well society is the reason why we interact with restriction to each other and follow social obligation. An Indian version to the same story is log kya kahengey.

For the young open minded free souls there is a burden of obligations under which they get constrained. These factors are induced from childhood that you are born to live in society behave in a certain way. But if we call ourselves social why not interact freely. See the indefinite possibilites which you can live on if you were social and not living in a society. Big companies like Google are tapping the potential in this very idea. When you see Google employees you would see all the different people from different culture and societies coming together and forming one social environment where being social prevails and not any form of criticism or opinions are formed. This could pay way to forming faster connection and removing ill faith in societies.


-Aditya Chavan

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