Best Hangout Spots For The Mumbaikar This Monsoon



Monsoons is the time when the schools and colleges reopen. It is time to get back with your friends, hang around and have great fun. But as relief monsoon brings to our hearts after a grueling summer as bigger spoilsport it plays when it comes to plan outings with your friends. Indoor person or outdoor person, we have some of the best hangouts for you…

  1. Candies:


This one is for all the people who hate rains and all that it brings along. This is a heaven for you. Situated in Pali Hill, this one is a favorite among college-goers and a host of other people of all ages. Order your food on the ground floor and cozy up in any sitting area along the widespread eating and sitting area over three floors. Hangout with your friends in any nook and cranny, away from the rains and close to your friends.

  1. SGNP:


If you are a rain lover and adore the greenery, this is the right place for you. The Sanjay Gandhi National National Park situated in Borivali is a great place to take a walk along the woods and enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature. Waterfalls and streams finds a great amount of tourists in the rains. Kanheri caves and a lot more. If you are a nature lover, this place is a must go….

  1. Malls:


Malls are a new favourite among Mumbaikars and certainly has no scarcity of them in the  city. And with a growing number in every area, it is easier and cheaper way to escape rains and hangout with friends. Walk up in one of the many malls which offers you a host of shops and outlets which are not available otherwise. The food courts also offer a variety of food and cuisines which suits your budget and does not make your lighter then ever.

  1. Worli Seaface:

worli sea face

This one is a personal favorite. The place is much clean than Marine drive and makes up for a great ambience with friends and fresh air. The famous Worli sea link is  visible and just a stone’s throw away.

It portrays the life of Mumbai perfectly where cars are gushing and rushing on the road and the sea face has people sitting calmly and enjoying the serenity of the place. Rains make it more fun and a cup of Boost from the cycle vendor is a must have in the rains or the very famous cutting chai of Mumbai.

– Kashmeera Tambe

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