finance management


Hi Friends. Writing After a long time. But maybe it took time to prepare some tips tricks and techniques for my favorite and the most important paper that is Financial Management.

Financial Management one of the core subject where either there are most of the KTs or the subject which can get you the highest score.

However this subject is the most scoring subject than any other paper as it involves minimum theory about 15marks.Though there is no official declaration of the paper pattern by the university yet :(.


So now how will you be preparing for the exams? Remember this subject is not meant for last moment preparation as you need to figure out solutions, clear out your doubts atleast a week before and be ready for a tip toe of the entire subject.

If you planning out to leave any of the chapter you can leave about 2 unimportant chapters like Business Restructuring or may be Receivable Management but that would be a risk as said earlier there is no official paper pattern declared by the university.


Vipul Publication being the best book for FM as it covers all kinds of masalas that can be added to make a sum more spicy and shivery.


Over the last few years as known by all FM is believed to be the toughest paper but by fate and some estimation I personally think that FM would be easier than it was in past years. Wonderful! That makes you smile :-).


Now assuming that most of us know what exactly is to be done when a sum appears in the question paper asking to find a specific ratio or analyze a plan I am mentioning few tips for preparing a day before exams.


First and foremost thing that you do is solve any of the last year question paper, keep on solving if you get stuck anywhere. Complete it within the stipulated time.

Once this is done you become the checker of your own paper and start correcting it by checking the formulas from the textbook and solutions if any. This will help you to know what troubles would an examiner face while correcting your paper, the trouble could be of locating which question you are solving, or what you are calculating or understanding the numbers written in a doctor’s style. This would make you realize and end up avoiding those mistakes in the exam paper.

Now figure out the sums that are entirely wrong, partially wrong and not at a wrong.

Now start on with the chapter whose answers were entirely wrong and likewise go on with the thing.

This would enable you to do those chapters the first whose practice is required most and end up doing those chapters last whose practice are required least. (smart;))

Do revise the formulas or make a sheet and then start practicing the sums.

Don’t practice each and every sum of the chapters as than you may end up giving least time to most important chapters.

Solve only those that were asked in the university in past 5years which thankfully has been mentioned in the Vipul Book on top of each sum.

Once this is done solve another paper keeping in the mind the below mentioned writing tips and than see the magic.



Writing Tips.


1.The most important thing is to first go through the paper once.


2.Take the easiest and most scoring that you know well and start solving that.


3.Dont waste your time banging your head on sums which has a lot of calculations as the main marks are there for the formulas, entries and right proforma.


4.As per the forwards from various sources it says there would be five 15mks questions. If that becomes a reality and is confirmed than remember this most important thing to complete the paper on time. GIVE 20MINUTES-25MINUTES TO EACH QUESTION. If it exceeds 25minutes leave the sum wherever you are and proceed to the next question. You can always get back to the incomplete solution once you finish solving all 5 Questions. This is the most important and Golden rule in order to manage time for any practical or theory paper.


5.In case you need to do some manual calculations (am not talking about working notes) do them on the last page of the paper and if time permits erase them of once the paper gets completed.


6.Don’t get tensed, distracted, stressed, depressed in case something very strange is asked. Just do whatever you know and whatever you can and even if you don’t know what’s to be done in the sum attempt something its okay even if you bluff up some formulas in relevance to the sum. But PLEASE DONE LEAVE ANY OF THE QUESTIONS.


7.Be cool and calmly solve the sums. Make sure you write the formulas and write the answers at the end concluding each sum.


8.At the end you will have 15minutes (if you adapt the golden rule) which you need to spend for drawing lines and giving a good and a classic look to your paper. (Will not take more than 5minutes)


9.Once this is done check the sums for silly mistakes if any which may make the examiner to cut marks and make unnecessary deductions.


10.Be confident, work like a lion and pat yourself before the paper saying that “I WILL CRACK IT,I KNOW EVERYTHING” (even if you have left a couple of chapters) 😉



Do walk up these little steps  that are surely gonna make you walk towards the pinnacles of success.



All the best.

Best Regards,

Murtaza Rupawala.

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