BMS Sem 6 Question Banks : 9 International Finance Distinguish Questions

Distinguish Between 1) Autonomous and Accomodating transactions. 2) Arbitrage and Speculation 3) Devaluation and Depreciation 4) Fixed and Flexible Exchange rate systems. 5) Merchant Transactions and Interbank Transactions 6) Euro-currency Bonds and Credits (Loans) 7) Euro-currency Bonds and Notes. 8) Forward Contracts and Futures Contracts 9) Futures Contracts and...

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BMS Sem 6 Question Banks : 12 International Finance Short Notes Questions

1)    Arbitrage 2)    Speculation 3)    PPP theory 4)    Central Bank Intervention 5)    Market Stabilisation Scheme (MSS) 6)    List the features of offshore Financial Centres (OFC’s) 7)    Enumerate the features of GDR’s 8)    What are advantages of GDR’s to the issuing company and investors? 9)    Management of reserves is a...

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BMS Sem 6 Question Banks : 29 Entrepreneurship Management Concept Questions

 Explain the following concepts:   1)    Women Entrepreneur.   2)    Innovation.   3)    Need for Achievement.   4)    Pure Entrepreneurs.   5)    Focus groups.   6)    Environmental Scanning.   7)    SWOT analysis   8)    Project report.   9)    Project Appraisal.   10) Economic oriented appraisal.   11) Financial appraisal....

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