Are Youth Getting More Influenced By Alcohol, Smoking And Money These Days?




“WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER” is exactly the mentality of youth now-a-days. The youth of today wants to make easy money without working hard and they get indulged in wrong doings. As our youth is becoming trendy day-by-day by adopting the western culture, and have started to smoke and consume alcohol. If we see even the school going children are into smoking. When the survey was done why they smoke? So their answer was to remove their stress and for some it’s too showoff and for the others it was due to the influence of their friends. Once if you get indulged into all these activities then it’s too hard to stop so it’s better to avoid all these because later on you will be sick.


The youth of today has a lot of desire for many stuff like clothes, gadgets, accessories, shoes, bags, cars etc. The youth of today have developed the greed of having all these and to achieve them they will cross all the limits. As we know the girls who come from small towns or villages come to big cities for completing their studies and some of them who belong to the lower class when they come to big cities even they wish to dress up like how the high class people dress and party like them so due to all these reasons most of the girls get indulged in prostitution and the guys also start to sell drugs or similar wrong doings in order to make easy money without much effort.


      So I would like to request our youth of today “DO WHAT YOU CAN, WIN WHAT YOU HAVE” because once such times pass off then you will regret in future. Try to make money in a good way and doing hard work as there is a saying “The fruit of hard work taste very good”. Be happy with what you have or study hard or work hard and get a good job and make money in such a way that you won’t feel guilty in your future. “IN YOUTH WE LEARN; IN AGE WE UNDERSTAND”.

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Christina Kurian
Hi, i am a girl who lyk to mke frdz n do crazy stuff. I lyk to write poems, dance & play badminton. U cn knw me n my thinking throughout my article.....


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