%- 79                    Grade-O




 Tell us more about yourself.

I’m bit of introvert…bit of extrovert..Thoda sweet. Thoda curt. Filled with lot of mischief…kind as well fussy. Love to follow my heart and believe in the ideology “Live your life to the fullest you only get one.”

Things that I enjoy doing: watching movies, listening music,  a total foodie so a complete bon-vivant by nature, like learning new things  ,fan of sports and specially adventure sports , partying and doing masti with friends..

To keep it short and simple in all im quite unpredictable!!!


Were you expecting to top in the exams? To whom would you credit this success to?

Seriously a big “NO” I was praying hard that I don’t flunk in logistics. Even my FM , Service Sector Managements papers were bad. But miracles do happen in this mortal world and I was lucky not only to clear the exams. But also secure 3rd rank. Every person has someone to be grateful for his/her success. In my life I have many well-wishers. I’m thankful to my parents for believing and trusting in me , thankful towards our principal maam Mrs Rina Saha our course coordinator Mrs. Riya Rupani my darling teachers (kirti maam , jysha maam and preiti maam) who always use to help guide and motivate me and also for giving marks generously in internal assessments , thankful to my beloved friends who always supported and aided me to  conquer my weaknesses , and last but not the least im extremely thankful to GOD for gracing me with this.


Did you prepare religiously from day One or A few weeks before the exams?

Naaahh!!! I believe in smart work than slogging the whole year. I started with my preparations during our study leave. It’s just that whatever I studied during that period was with total dedication and complete concentration.



How did you allot time to different subjects?

No I simply followed my mood and mind and studied whatever I found to be appropriate according to my inclinations.


Can you share some insights on how to crack the subjects before exams?

The most important thing to crack any exam is to have trust and faith in thyself. If you prepare your mind-set that you are ready for the worst and can handle the toughest possible condition. You can simply crack any exams. Nothing is easy nothing is hard it’s just what you like or dislike. What you are good at or what you think you are bad at makes the difference, some may think they are good in theory subjects but bad in practical subjects and vice-versa. Just a simple tip to all my fellow BMSians theory is easy if you understand the concept and practical is easy if you understand the logic. So always try to understand the concept and logic rather than rote learning or ratofying.

As per me answers should be written in systematic point manner to make them look good as well as large in size. Use suitable current examples to make your answers stand out from the rest. Facts and figures along with diagrams are just like hot chocolate topping on vanilla ice-cream would be delectable for the paper assessor.

If you know your concepts well and you are firm with the logic of pracs subjects then every case study is a walk in the garden. You have to stress your brain a bit and do little bit of correlation of concepts and case answers.



Do you think BMS student require coaching classes or is self-study enough? Had you joined any coaching class for a particular subject?

For practical subjects like FM, SSF, OR, IF, IAPM classes are must to show the correct technique for solving problems. It requires an expert guidance and advice for better understanding practical subjects. For rest of the subjects one can manage on its own.


Did you participate in college fests or extra-curricular activities? Do you think a BMS student can manage both studies and extra activities?

Yes I love to participate in extra-curricular activities. I have won many prizes at inter as well as intra college level. I believe in the thought that if one aspires to be a manager or to achieve any higher designation or has an ambition to become an entrepreneur in the future. He/She must be an all-rounder having just knowledge is useless unless you implement it and showcase it. College fests and extracurricular activities provide us the platform to hone our skills and also help us to better ourselves in whatever parameters we are weak at. It is also a stage to mingle with our fellow peers and to gauge where we stand at a global level.


Did you pursue any additional courses/ internships alongside BMS?

No due to busy schedule of BMS and especially TYBMS. It’s difficult to squeeze time for additional courses/internships , even when you have flair for some courses.

Today, we often come across students committing suicide out of failure, depression or tension of exams. What do you have to say about this? Did you use any special techniques for stress management?

It’s really disheartening to hear about the increment in such incidences. Failures are part of life don’t take it as the end of life. You never know one can get motivated through failures and achieve something incredible. Always be optimist than being pessimistic, It may happen so new avenues and opportunities may knock your door when you least expect them. Be positive be strong such phase would vanish soon. Just don’t take failures of life to the heart always try to learn from it and see that you win over such situations by not losing hope to succeed. Life is precious not just for you but also for the ones who immensely love you, so whenever you get the ill thoughts try to remember about your loving ones.

I have simple funda boss for distressing enjoy whenever you get chance, have a life hangout and fool around with friends watch movies listen to music, go for a walk, etc…Don’t get bogged down with anything that causes stress in the first place. Try best to divert yourself from the thing that’s bothering you, causing mental hindrance or making you feel tangled. Just take a chill pill all problems come with solutions attached.


Do you think the number of Industrial visits should be increased for BMS Students? Which industries have you visited?

Yes as we are studying management course and to boost our knowledge and intellect we must be possessing practical data of the actual happenings in industries and how we should gear up for the same. We should have the insights how we have to carve ourselves to be competent to face the demands of real world.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity of field visiting as our college scrapped the idea of IV when we enrolled into FY. Gosh!! How unlucky for us.


Do you think BMS students are flooded with assignments, projects and internal exams round the clock? What changes would you like to bring in the BMS Curriculum?

Yes, it’s our grit test and to check our time management skill so no complaints regarding them. Personally I want assignment and projects at least should be more of practical oriented and field work driven rather than copy paste method. It should excite the student to try and do something new out of the box. It should not come with the attach notion that u submit it and it would fetch marks. Vivas and question answering should thoroughly carried out for internal assessments.


What message would you like to give to the next batch of BMS students?

All the very best for everything guys, stay focused on your goals and ambitions. Follow your heart, put your sincere efforts in everything whatever you try your hands at.


 What are the future plans post BMS?

I’m desiring for cracking CMAT with good scores and aspiring to get into good MBA college for marketing and advertising masters.

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