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Sem 5 results are out and before you know it Sem 6 is here knocking on your door. With 7 subjects and all being primarily theory based it’s time to pull up your socks and start running this race immediately. Say move onn.. to sem 5 because for all of us T.Y.BMSites its time to show same 6 that we are going to crack it this time.

For all of us Sem 5 acted as a bright eye opener and made us realise what exactly the university has in mind for us.  Don’t let the results hurt you anymore and make sure start preparing earlier this time so that we can beat them in their game.

 For Sem 6 your Subjects are:

1.       Entrepreneurship & Management of Small  & Medium Enterprises (theory)

2.       Operations Research (semi-practical)

3.       International Finance (semi- practical)

4.        Indian Management Thought and Practices (theory)

5.        International Marketing (theory)

6.        Retail Management (theory)

 Elective (any one) :

7.        Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management  (semi-practical)

8.       Econometrics (semi-practical)

With majorly theoretical, subjects to crack and only 2 months to go, the clock is ticking and we need to start acting super fast.  Keep these tips in mind to make studying for Sem 6 easier.

  • The FM paper acting as an eye opener we know that the practical and semi-practical subjects need a lot of practise. So bifurcate your days by allocating a minimum of 4-5 sums a day (more but not less) of a particular subject.
  • Along with those pick up theory subjects and start preparing.
  • Make notes or mug-up,  start learning your theory  in whatever style you are comfortable but make sure you don’t skip any chapter this time because we have realised the extent of awful papers and correction with the Sem 5 results.
  • After you have completed the theory subjects up to at least 3/4th of the syllabus start working on the theory of your semi-practical subjects.
  • Since you have done up sums earlier, understanding the theory of the semi-practical subjects will be easier.
  • Make March your target to complete the entire syllabus and April only for revisions. I know it sounds like a herculean task but we don’t want a repeat of Sem 5 right?
  • Past question papers and question banks that you get from college’s or classes are very helpful but at the moment keep them on hold and focus on the syllabus and text books. You can start on those once you start your revisions.
  • If you find a particular concept or chapter from your textbook difficult to understand, go through other textbooks or refer the internet, instead of skipping it. May sound like a lot of effort but that’s what helps you in answering tough questions.

Put in extra efforts these 3 months and automatically see the difference in your Sem 6 results. 🙂




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