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N3twork is an application where you can find the most interesting videos on the Internet. It is like a personal television network.

When a user signs up, that user follows a number of topics which can become as broad as music, or as specific as cat videos. Those topics — which the company calls interests — are created by N3twork users pretty much in the same way Twitter users have created topics around hashtags. N3twork’s users then choose specific videos to add to the app’s array of videos, tagging them as they are added. 


Once you download N3twork in the App Store, you can sign up with Facebook or Twitter, or create an account with an email. Then you’ll be asked to tell a little about yourself, such as which subjects are important to you. From there, N3twork begins pulling in Internet video content that matches your interests. Your channel can be private, so only you can post to it, or it can be a public space you create with supporting media assets.

It brings a whole new experience by curating video content over the internet based on your interests. Whether it might be the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, economic inequality  or even kittens. Then it presents the very best, most relevant videos so you can watch them now, later, or anywhere, including on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Tv. 


The main experience of the app is a 10 pre-roll of a video that takes up most of the screen that can be tapped to view the video, or swiped left or right to ignore it or save it for later, a mechanism recently made popular by applications like Tinder. 

This app can even help you to find and connect with your target audience. You can advertise and market your video content to your market. Even join the community that shares the same interests as you and your clients. The company doesn’t actually host the videos. Instead, the videos that are played in the app are basically embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos, which will include the same advertising on those services. But the goal is for half of the videos that are surfaced to its users to either be interesting enough to watch or save to watch later. Each action a user makes — whether that is skipping the video, saving it for later, or the amount of time the user has watched the video — alters hidden scores for videos that determine whether they are interesting enough or not.

-Vatsal Doshi

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