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Arguably, EA Sport’s Fifa 14 is The best FIFA game in the market. As the years have gone by the career mode has become a bit more difficult and more realistic. There are many great features in the career mode which will make you a successful manager in the game. I have been playing FIFA since my childhood days and if you want to get all the fun and enjoy it and develop your Football managerial skills and become the next Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger then here are a few tips to follow:

Always start with a weak team:

Problem with starting with let’s say any big team like Real Madrid, Man Utd, Chelsea etc, is that you can build your dream team in two seasons and then after a few time you might get bored as you will be winning all the trophies and in transfer window you can buy almost any player you want as you have huge chunk of money at your disposal. But if you start from scratch, let’s say a 4th tier team from English League like Wimbledon, you will actually use your skills, spend more time in unknown youth players  and try to build a team through a very low budget and get your team to promotion. There is always a sweet feeling when you build a small club into an elite brand with a lot of hard work and it will make you a master of Fifa.

Use Global Transfer Network

Assign scouts to search for players according to different criteria. You will be amazed as you will get some great quality of youngsters which you can get it for cheap. Don’t just go on for Ronaldos and Messis, spend some time, get some really young teenagers like Vietto, Shaw, Bakkali, Mitrovic, Bruno and hundreds of hidden talents and make them superstars of tomorrow. Your Fifa career will go longer and these players will be there for more than a decade unlike Ronaldos and Messis who might start degrading after 4-5 seasons.

Sign Players on pre-contract

This is a new feature in FIFA 14, it might seem a small feature but has huge benefits. Whenever you buy a star player you will have to spend huge, but imagine you can get that player for free. I have bought likes of Ronaldo and Iniesta for a free transfer. Wow. It is simple, whenever you find a player who has only 6 months remaining in the contract, you will have an option ‘Approach to sign on pre-contract’, this way you can buy a player for free, you will have get the player as soon as his contract expires and your only expenses will be his salary and no transfer fee. To know players whose contracts are expiring soon, you can use the Global Transfer Network, assign a scout by giving him a job to search for players having 0-1 year contract left.

Master a playing style

There are many playing styles, some are trademark of some teams like Manchester United play counter attacking and wingplay while Barcelona play Tiki Taka. Build a playing style through which you can be successful in Fifa and buy players accordingly. Some people like to buy Big, Strong and Physical strikers, while I usually buy Small strikers with extreme ball control and Sprint as I play more from middle and not from wings. Learn all the strategies. Imagine Fifa like in real life and you will enjoy it to the fullest. Like in real life, have different strategies against different teams as not all teams are same and you will not it as you play it.

Always start with ‘Professional’

Even if you are a rookie, just start your career mode as professional because below it there are modes where you can score 4-5 goals every game and there is no fun. In professional mode sometimes it gets so difficult to score even a single goal. To improve your game, always challenge yourself instead of taking the easy path.

So these were some tips.. Fifa is extremely addicting and you can play it for hour’s every day so my advice would be don’t get too addicted but you just can’t stop playing it. Always buy smart as you can get some really good players for cheap as I explained.  Challenge yourself with Online Play with other users around the world. Also increase your difficulty level if you start finding Fifa easy, you will know how difficult and frustrating it can get. So Go Gaming!

– Jainam Jhaveri

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