Amazing European Travel Destinations for Football fans



Football is a sport of passion, enthusiasm, pride, glory and emotions. Football is a sport where there are fans that would die for their team. It is a not just a sport but a religion for millions of fans. If you are a football fan you would love to know about the places which have rich culture of football, I have listed down some destinations which are great worth of football fans who want to experience the game more. There are museums, stadiums, rivalries, nerve wrecking matches which any football fan would die to see. You can travel places, meet football fans, talk to them, meet footballers, and register for luxurious packages which will make you feel like a footballer.

Here is a list of some places which you would love to visit as a football fan

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a city of football. Madrid is home to one of the greatest football clubs on the planet, The Real Madrid. There is a rich history of this Spanish capital. There is nothing better than watching Real Madrid vs Barcelona at Santiago Bernabeu, home stadium of the Real Madrid. This city is also home to clubs like Atletico Madrid and it’s a joy to watch the Madrid Derby. There are tour packages through which a football fan can visit changing room, trophy room, dugout, and ground and feel like you are a footballer. Just imagine you will be visiting the dressing room, dugout and ground where players like Ronaldo, Zidane, Di Stefano used to grace the place. There is also a great nightlife and there are pubs where fans come and enjoy a football match together.

Manchester, England

It is home to Manchester United, one of the greatest and the most popular clubs on the planet. Manchester is more of a industrial city but still if you are a football fan there is nothing better than visiting the Old Trafford, also known as the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, home to the Red Devils. This stadium has that something which makes it special. Manchester also has another club which is a wannabe superclub, Manchester City. There has always been the greatest of rivalries between Manchester United and Man City, though Manchester United ruled Manchester and England for most of the years, teams like man city are trying to be as big as Manchester United is. It has also got Museum where one can experience the rich history of Man Utd and Football in England. Even the night life of cities like Manchester and London is great and it’s always great to have a chat with some crazy football fans.

Barcelona, Madrid

Another superpower of Spain, Barcelona is a major Spanish city and is home to the great Barcelona Football Club. Camp Nou is one of the greatest footballing stadiums in the planet. The experience is rich and facilities are class. You will be among 90000 people on a match day in a stadium. Just imagine the noise when Messi scores a goal. La masia is the greatest football academy in the world and players like Iniesta, Xavi were introduced to the world by this Academy. There is nothing better than watching ‘El Classico’ in the Camp Nou. Barcelona is also a great city for a family tour, there are parks, picnic destinations which one can enjoy with his family.

Milan, Italy

This city is home to one of the greatest rivals in the history of Football. It is home to AC Milan and Inter Milan. Though Italian football is going through a rough patch, there is no doubt that visiting Milan will have the greatest of experience for a football fan. Milan is a luxurious city. It is fashion capital of Europe. It is place where you can have all the luxuries that you want. It has one of the best nightlife, there are deluxe hotels, fine dining. This is a city which will lighten your wallet but the experience will blow you away. Also the stadium of AC Milan, San Siro is one great place to enrich with the history of Italian Football. A great way to bring out the passion in your heart is by watching a match between A C Milan and Inter Milan also known as ‘The Milan Derby’.

London, England

Capital of UK, London is a city having many major football clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs etc. This city is a major tourist attraction and football is one reason. Visiting the Emirates Stadium of Arsenal and watching the Gunners play their freestyle soccer Is always entertaining. London is a passionate city of football and you can always bump up with a Chelsea or Arsenal fan and enjoy the rivalry.


These were some of the greatest cities for football fans who would visit Europe. There are surely many other places which I haven’t mentioned. There are cities like Paris, Munich, Istanbul and many more which as a football enthusiast you can have a look at for your next tour.

– Jainam Jhaveri

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