Oranges is fruit rich in vitamin C. Orange has a tasteful and rich tangy flavor which is often eaten directly by peeling off or drunk as juice or used in salads or foods to add flavor. Orange is one fruit which has high health benefits. It improves overall health, from physical to mental health. It helps to help you look beautiful. There are many benefits of Oranges, some of them are:

Reduces Weight

Orange is rich in fiber, which helps reduce fat. Eating orange will surely reduce weight being a high fruit in fiber. It has low calories which also helps you in reducing your food intake.

Healthy Skin

Orange is high in Vitamin C and it is known to help and keep skin healthy. It energizes and moisturizes the skin. It destroys unhealthy cells.

Increase Brain Health

It has anti oxidants and folic acids which increase psychological health. It energizes mind and reduces depression.

Helps Low Blood Pressure

Orange contains Magnesium which helps regulate blood pressure.

Prevents Kidney Stone

It has chemicals which reduce chances of kidney stones.

Hair Conditioner

Orange juice helps moisturize hair and keep it healthy by reducing dandruff. It has got vitamin B.

Reduce Blackheads and dull skin

Vitamins and anti oxidants help skin and orange has a rich amount of these chemicals. Even orange’s peel helps to reduce dark heads by rubbing it for a few minutes.

Improve Eye health

Oranges contain vitamin A which helps improve vision. It also has carotenes which are vital for eye health.

Calcium to maintain Bone and Teeth

Oranges have calcium which helps in improvement of Bone and Teeth.

Reduce risk of Cancer

It helps reduce risk of lung cancer, skin cancer which help protect against bad cells.

– Jainam Jhaveri

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