A Segment Is Good, Length Is Not


A Segment Is Good, Length Is Not


  In a highly civilized huff-huff world I believe there is less time to be fastidious, people do not like to wait around for long even for their families. Rush is the word, haphazard is the nature, impatient are the people.

  You know whenever people do cliché jokes or dialogues the first expression on the faces of your friends is a poker face, similar is the situation with each and everything. People notice things, which are stored in their minds and if they notice that thing again there is a certain sense of reluctance towards it. It’s similar as depreciation of an asset.

   Let me compartmentalize the topic,

You have a friend who is very much particular about time and is always cursing you for being late, at an extent you’ll just let go since he is your friend and you can’t change him but after a prolix period of time you certainly let him go bearing a fight or worse you hold a grudge against him. People like such become freaks for real people because people cannot be always logical, robots are always logical. Recklessness is a routine. No single man is perfect.

    The point I am trying to make here is human beings are comfortable with similar individuals and not people who are too obsessed about one particular thing. So as they say ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ it’s true, but if the person bothers too much cleanliness then I bet he won’t have any comrade except God.

    So here I have a friend who is very pious and very concerned about his religion. So whenever we try to enjoy a moment or ascertain an immoral act he starts his usual groans, so now it has become a thing where we ignore him or we are just hesitant to make him a participant. Technically speaking, being pious is a good thing and I am not an atheist but we are still reluctant to accompany him everywhere. These are the consequences of being something ‘more’.

 Coming towards the conclusion of this topic I would like to say people cannot be changed under any circumstances and above all it’s their life of which they are the one who commands and decide their lifestyles but in order to survive a fun-filled life people sometimes have to compromise to keep their loved ones happy and that can be achieved by hiding or letting go off their routine chores. You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice. It is a universal paradox no one can escape it.


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