Indian Approach Western Approach Japanese Approach
1. Long term needs are the basis (moksha) Short term needs are pursued A mix of Indian & Western approach where individual needs are met but dedication to the group is all important.
2. Inspirational self motivation Motivational carrot & stick approach. Dedication – to the group, company and country is the driving force.
3. Intrinsic – do your actions / duties without any external stimulus; and yet help the organization progress. Extrinsic –one’s actions depend upon the external environment and stimulus from outside – hence reactions can be quite erratic. Stready, dedicated actions where their goals are completely aligned with those of the organization.
4. Psychologically strong individuals, since rewards do not cause worry / stress. Psychological burn-out Psychologically stable & strong-as they believe that their work & actions are not ends but a means to better quality and productivity.
5. Perfection is the aim of any work. Success is the aim or motivation Contribution to the nation is the aim.
6. Contentment – believing work is worship Competition – because of competitive rivalry for rewards Contribution to the nation is the aim. Co-operation is the key.
7. Leads to mind enrichment and self satisfaction. Lead to job enrichment. Leads to both job and mind enrichment.
8. All actions are guided by one’s dharma – righteous conduct is of primary importance. Actions may be motivated by the Temptation to adopt unethical means to achieve targets. No scope for temptations as the work is not centred around the individual but towards the group.
9. In pursuit of happiness – not of material gains alone. In pursuit of material gains. Pursuit of wealth is only a by-product dedication to the group is the key.
10. Works will once basic needs are fulfilled or taken care of. Employees may perform actions, but their satisfaction is not guaranteed. Has worked very well once the group is convinced.
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