9 Superb Tips And Tricks That Will Prove Low Fat Cooking Is The Best Cooking


9 Superb Tips And Tricks That Will Prove Low Fat Cooking Is The Best Cooking

Low Fat Cooking

                We now how important it is to eat healthy as half of the sickness that one has is because of bad eating habits, Including right from blood pressure, heart diseases, cholesterol and obesity and even more. These all sickness is all because of our eating habits which includes most of fast food and junk food. Fast food contains more of fatty stuffs which brings sickness right rom the early age and today’s youngsters hate eating vegetables instead their all three time meal is like snacks and no more as good proper meal. So that is something as parents we have to inculcate for a healthy living since we know health is the best wealth. At the same time to have a healthy living we got to cook healthy so as to eat healthy.

Here are tips for low fat cooking

  1. Use low fat cooking methods

Bake, boil or broil, steam or even fry but ensure you don’t deep fry. Even healthy food absorbs fat when deep fried.

  1. Use low fat oil

Avoid shortening, butter and gee and all those oil that are high in fat content. Cook with olive oil or canola oil or chicken or vegetable broth

  1. Remove the fat

When preparing meat and poultry cut of the fat, Use a rack to drain fat when you are boiling, broiling and steaming. When steaming the meat skim of the aft that raises to the surface.

  1. Eat Fish

Prepare fish two to three times a week. Cook fish that are high in Omega 3 – fatty acids such as salmon, trout etc. Avoid breading and frying the fish

  1. Eat Selfish sometimes

Selfish such as crab, lobsters, shells, shrimp are good. Shrimp are low I saturated fat but high in cholesterol so not everyday

  1. Eat more of white meat

White meat is healthy as it contains low saturated fat. Even red meat is an option but not always.

  1. Keep an eye on the portion

Limit fish and meat not more than 6 ounces per day, it is as much a s a pack of cards per day

  1. Go meatless

Go without twice or thrice in a week .Beans contain no fat and cholesterol like the red meat. Cook exciting veg recipes like sandwiches and pastas

  1. Use low fat, low sodium toppings.

Spices, herbs and lemon juice add flavour without fat


Following the above tips will ensure good taste along with good health. So low fat cooking is best cooking.

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