When the results are declared, you would really have a big shocking surprise by seeing your marks in the subjects which you attempted quite well.

So when you are not satisfied with your marks, you would be thinking of an option called as “REVALUATION”.

Before you apply for this doubtful and unreliable evaluation process, we would like to list down some facts of the same:


1) The application for revaluation or photocopy has to be done within 7 working days from the date of declaration of the result. For applying, you must have secured minimum 20% of the total marks of the subject, or 40% of the marks required for passing in that subject, whichever is less. (In normal words, it comes to at least 16 out of 100 marks)

2) The charges are: Revaluation: ₹ 500 per paper
Photocopy: ₹  100 per paper

3) The results are declared minimum 60 days after you have applied. Note that it can go up to anything. So, if you have failed, and expecting to pass, you will anyways have to study for the ATKT exam.

4) Even if you apply for a photocopy, that will be given to you roughly after 2 months of the date of application.

5) If you have written an answer correctly, and still have been awarded less marks, or marked incorrect, you cannot do anything about it. The only use of a photocopy is that you can approach them if there’s a totaling mistake, or an answer has been left unchecked. If that is the case, you can apply for this revaluation(for totaling mistake or unchecked answer) within 3 working days after you got your photocopy. There are no extra charges for this.

6) Once you got your photocopy and after that, feel that the paper should be rechecked again, its not possible, however correct your answers may be.

7) If you have passed, but feel that you must have got more, and hence apply for revaluation, you are in for a big gamble. There is no guarantee that your marks will not be reduced, or in worst cases, you might even be failed.

8) The University considers revaluation in the literal sense of the word. This means that your paper will be assessed as if it is being checked for the first time. The revaluator will not know about the marks awarded by the previous examiner, as those will be hidden with white pasting on them (At least this is what I was told by an official). So, he will check it according to his knowledge and discretion.

If you want any clarification or have a grievance, you can go here:

Revaluation Department

M.J. Phule Bhavan
Mumbai University
Santacruz (East)
Mumbai – 400 098

How to go there: Bus nos 318, 313, 619, 213, 306 LTD, 433, 517 LTD, 507 LTD from Santacruz(E) depot.(just outside Santacruz station)

What to do after going there: Ask for directions to M.J. Phule Bhavan at the security booth. Once you reach there, stand in the Enquiry Counter queue. You will be asked to explain all details of your case, so be sure to have all documents (hall ticket, mark sheet, reval receipt, etc.) handy. Once you are issued a gate pass, go to the concerned room.

What to do after you applied: Wait for your result. Keep checking the varsity website www.mu.ac.in. Once its declared, go to Counter No. 2 at M.J. Phule Bhavan and submit your original marksheet. You will be issued a new one in the specified time period.

If you have got anywhere around 40 to 45 (if the passing is 40), then don’t even think about revaluation in your wildest dreams. Its better to be happy with less marks than to repeat an exam.
Also, if you have the highest marks in that paper, and still feel dissatisfied, chances are that you’ll end up reducing your score.

Use your head and make a wise decision.


How do I know this?

Revaluation and photocopy rules :  http://www.mu.ac.in/myweb_test/Rules%20for%20the%20Revaluation%20of%20the%20answer.pdf

Ordinance 5048-A :


Information source:


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  1. bitesh surti 6 years ago

    here in this post said that if u have to apply for revaluation .u must be within 7 days after result declared.
    and in revaluation process (for documentation ) mark sheet and hall ticket is required..
    can i apply for revaluation and photo copy…without mark sheet…???
    becoz mark sheet will be available in colg aftr 2 weeks in …..

  2. sachin bainsla 5 years ago

    i am in engineering .
    my 1st sem result had 2 KT’s of which 1 got cleared in revaluation . so , finally i had to give the other paper as 2nd attempt . now , my online result shows FAIL as result . SO , is this because of the paper which i didn’t appear for or i failed the other subject again ??

  3. khan sohail 4 years ago

    I have apples for revaluation for my 6th sem 2015 , but didn’t see my hallticket number in revaluation cases till now, but some of my friends from other college have their result in first half reval 2015, but mine is not showing, COuld you please help me out ? what to do now as my ATKT exam is on 2nd Dec 2015.

    • Chintan 4 years ago

      Where can i find the result of revaluation cases ?

      • Dinesh 3 years ago

        I am clear my seconds year but I have first year sem 1 Kt and sem 2 in both sem 1 and 1 Kt can I apply for grievance I got m2 22 and mech 23 so please anybody has knowledge give fast reply because my one year loss

  4. deepak jain 3 years ago

    even after getting your revaluation results and photocopy you are not satisfied and you know that marks awarded are less is there any further procedure for rechecking of your answer book?

  5. Tasleem 3 years ago

    My seat number is not visible in the list declared so is there anymore list to come???

  6. rohit Gupta 3 years ago

    hii ,
    i had fail my 5 Sem BMS in April 2012, after getting a mark sheets, i applied for revaluation and i had cleared the 5 sem. but still now i didn’t receive my marksheets. please help me what should i do.

  7. S.G.Kulkarni 3 years ago

    आदरणीय मुख्य अध्यापीका
    मुंबई युनिव्हर सिटी चा सावळा गोधळ चालु आहे पण तुमच्या कडुन काही ही हस्तशेप केला जात नाही विध्यार्थां तुमच्या कॉलेजच्या फेय्रा मारतात पण स्पष्ट काही उत्तरे मीळत नाही असे का ? पेपर होतात रिजर्ट लागतो व काही विध्यार्थाी पास होतात व काही नापास होतात व काही नापास विध्यार्थाी पास होण्याची अपेक्षा असते ते विध्यार्थाी पेपर रिचेकिंगला देतात रिचेकिंगला दिल्या नंतर एक महिन्याने समजते की काही विध्यार्थाी पास झाले व काही काही नापास व काहीच्या रिजर्टचा पत्ताच नसतो ह्या सर्व बाबतीत तुमचा काही रोल नाही का तुमच्या विध्यार्थाीची काळजी तुम्हाला नाही का एखादा विध्यार्थाी वर्ष भर मेहनत करुन युनिव्हर सिटी चा चुकी मुळे नापास होतात हे गंभीर नाही का??
    हे सर्व कधी थांबणार व कधी विध्यार्थाीची अपेक्षा पुर्ण होणार
    एक विध्यार्थाीचा पिडीत पालक

  8. nature 3 years ago

    atleast 1 leave for each paper is necessary…..

  9. Tanay 2 years ago

    is there any procedure to apply for photocopy after the revaluation result?

  10. Dhvani 1 year ago

    I have kt in OR subject i got 18 marks can i give it for revaluation for grace marks or i have to give kt exam?

    • Dhvani 1 year ago

      please reply

  11. nil 1 year ago

    what to do if i clear in reval. should i inform to university about it for new result or college will provide

  12. Shreejit C 1 year ago

    I have checked revaluation marks for BMS Sem VI April 2018. But am confused whether this is theory or includes practical too. Please advise. When and how will I get revised marksheet?

  13. Smeet 1 year ago

    The revaluation marks are out of 75 or 100?

  14. Asmita 8 months ago

    Hey i was passed earlier with 35 marks but i gave for revaluation then i got 22 marks which means fail. So i went to Mumbai University and they said to submit an apology letter and then said that they will cancel my revaluated marksheet and give me my old marksheet. So is it going to help me? And my name doesn’t appear in Atkt exam list so that i can fill that form. Plz guide.

    • Natasha 4 months ago

      Asmita is it true that they cancelled your revaluation result please reply I’m right now in a huge mess

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