At some point of time everyone has been backstabbed in their life, even I and you may have gone through the same phase. Yet some are still struggling to get themselves out of this situation. It is hard to get over this, as in most cases the people who backstab are the ones whom we term to be our own or close friends and a part of our life. They pretend to be your best buddy and all the while plan things against you. The reason could be anything may be jealousy, but it’s important to protect yourself from fake people who can spread only bad things about you. You are the one to decide whether you wish to get rid of the backstabber or continue your relationship with him or her for life.

  1. Find out the reason

There is always a reason behind everything similarly backstabbers also may have their own reasons to double-cross you; it could be jealousy, revenge, fights. The moment you know who is that person with a fake face, find out the reason for his strange behaviour. It will help you to tackle this situation better.

  1. Confirm before you judge

It is very important to confirm before suspecting anyone to be a betrayer, you just cannot blame or judge anyone. If you’re not sure about it confirm it well with your friends before taking any step or else you may end up losing a true friend.

  1. Keep yourself open to signs

Often we ignore the things happening around under the illusion of that person being our friend. You should keep your eyes and ears wide open to see the signs and listen to the things said by the backstabber and act according to the situation.

  1. Gossip less

People mostly girls have in them the habit of gossiping about anything and everything around them. The things said by you could be used against you by your enemy. It is important to have a control on your tongue in front of people while quoting anything against anyone.

  1. Lock your personal space

Everyone has some or the other secrets within them. You need to be very careful when you reveal your secrets or share your personal space with anyone whom you call your good friend.  Do so, only if you trust the person and believe that person will not betray you.

  1. Don’t trust easily

Even though we say “I don’t trust easily” we still end up doing the same thing over and over again. It is essential to know who is with you and who is not, don’t trust anyone easily take your time to know the person well before getting close.

  1. Choose wisely

Friendship is something where we need not choose with whom we want to be, yet you need to at least have good look at the person whether he can be faithful to you.  You need not choose but you need to be wise.

At the end of it being backstabbed by anyone is unpleasant and can be extremely damaging depending upon what has been said or done. I myself have gone through a situation like this but somehow managed to get myself out of it. A backstabber by its nature will go on to do it again, maybe to you or to maybe to someone else. Confronting a backstabber can help you to fix the problems that they’ve created as soon as possible, and it can also put a stop to their ways.  You need to stand up firm against them and face the situation wisely.

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