Get What You Want From Your Parents


Getting your work done from the our parents is the thing we all do almost every day, we can call ourselves masters in this trick.(Winks) Oh! But all parents are not that easy. You need to be confident and create to come up with something really amazing that can force them to get your desired thing.   So here are 5 really simple tricks to get what you want from your parents.  Add them to your daily tricks that you use.

  1. Convincing plan

Parents are much smarter than we think they are so you need to come up with a convincing plan where they have no reason to say a ‘NO’. Get them stuck where they have no option other than giving you what you want. The key to convince them is that you’re sure about what you want and why you want it. Be confident enough and make direct eye contact while talking to them. Convince them that you’re responsible enough to take care of that thing.

  1. Do your research

The moment you say “I want this” you will be bombarded with en-number of questions. Be prepared to answer all of them. In order to convince them in a smart way you need to be prepared with your research way prior to approaching them. For example, if you want a phone, research everything about it. Where can you find a good phone for reasonable rates, a good dealer and the exact price so on?

  1. See for their mood

When it comes to parents their mood is very important to be good to get our work done. Approach them when they are all good and happy. At least they will give a listening her to your wants.

  1. Tell them how badly you need it

If it is something you badly need tell them or show it to them. Like if your phone’s about to die and you need a new one, show them your old handset and the problems in it. See to it that the problem is valid.

  1. You can let them know in other ways

May if they are not convinced in a direct way you can do something that they themselves may give you what you need. Let them see why you may need that thing.

  1. Butter them

Buttering is what is all do very smartly very time we want something. You could better them by helping in doing their work like cleaning the house, washing dishes and other household chaos. This is the best and the fairest way that works most of the time.

  1. Be polite

Act innocent and sweet, make that cute puppy dog face. (It works for me) Be polite while asking for what you want don’t get harsh or rude.  Don’t forget it’s ultimately you who wants something from them. Don’t back answer them they get very annoyed. Don’t smile or taunt them saying my friend has it and I don’t have. They dislike comparisons.

You also need to prepare yourself for a ‘NO’. It is not because they do not want to give you but they may have their reasons. You may tell them quite some time but don’t force them to they made end up getting wild on you that you may not like. Give them the time to think what’s best for you and if you really need it I’m sure your parents will buy it for you.

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