7 Amazing Foods Youngsters Can’t Stay Away From


College life and youngsters are incomplete without foods. The first place we take shelter after all hectic lectures are the canteens and stalls. The wait of the order is always bearable then waiting for a lecture to end. As we are exposed to yummy food stuffs especially in colleges we become food lovers. There’s no one to stop us from spending those extra pennies consuming junk food. It’s always the ‘chalta hai’ slogan that boosts us up to eat yummy foods. While I expose you all this finger licking foods which Youngsters can’t stay away from.




Undoubtedly and everyone’s favorite – Chinese. It has got a huge variety and all are the best to taste food items. The trending Hakka noodles is ruling since many years and the only staple Chinese dish everyone know first. Many other supplementary includes the soft Manchurian, fried and schezwan rice which are the comman ones. There exist a huge list. The sauces are the main ingredient which isolates the Chinese cuisine and makes it delicious and spicy and hence loved by youngsters. Consuming it on a daily basis is a big NO as it is considered as a reason to cause cancer due to the use of a sauce used in Chinese. But hey, everything consumed heavily and every day is dangerous. So chill, if you are a Chinese lover. Bathing into all your favorite Chinese dishes occasionally is not harmful.




This Italian dish has spread its web high in India too. People have accepted this food and are loving it dearly. It’s the taste that matters to us Indians. So pizza is sure to hit youngster’s party menu list every time. A pizza and a coke is a must. Also the variety it offers is appreciable and this is what attracts the food lovers.




Mumbai is incomplete without its official state street food – the Indian burger – the cheapest and yummy street fast food – “Mumbaicha Vadapav”. The crisp salted green chillies are just an accelerator to the yummy crisp taste. It is the foremost cheap street food and is loved by all. You will find no rich fellow or a poor one without experiencing the taste of a vadapav. It is well sufficient to lower your hunger and has no harmful effects. Yes its deep fried and other myths or may be facts regarding the ‘Oil’ used is always in rumors, but Mumbai – there are healthy and trustworthy vadapav shops to ease your health. And also some seem to be ignorant regarding this.




The bread is a hit everywhere. The yummy single and double layered sandwiches, double decker, toast , grill- these beautiful styles with combinations of great healthy veggies and enlisting ingredients with the completion of bread is the best breakfast and snack. This are damn yummy and classic in taste and everyone’s favorite. Even the simple aloo sandwich with many pinches of chaat masala and salt is passable! A huge variety is evolved in the previous years and it’s always a “YES” to try a new one.



Well the super marketing strategies used by this multinational fast food companies beats the traditional shops. The single French fry box is loved by all and it is cheap (exclusive the taxes) and provides satisfaction to the tummy. The way a new item is popped every time attracts the people and keeps the chain going. The KFC has got a beautiful variety of foods for the non- vegetarian lovers and is really “soo good”. Mac D is ruling for many years inspite of all rumors being spread about it – the people still love to go and order their favorite meals. The subway again plays with the bread and stuffs in great mouth filling stuffs which never come all together in one bite. This are a boon to the food industry and have acquired huge no of loyal fans.



pani puri313844292454950

A ham Berger or panipuri??? Hands down – panipuri. Chaat is always a thumbs up every time and every bite. Spice lovers must be living on panipuris and dahi puris. Seriously, the ‘Chaat’ section is a blessing to Indian foods. The panipuri is everyone’s favorite right from small kids to grannies. Everyone cheers up when they get the extra ‘sukha puri’ while many fight for it rightly. The perfect spicy panipuri gives a satisfaction. It has travelled in most corners of India where it is has been experimented. Mumbai calls it the panipuri where we find coriander paste as the base for the main pani. Calcutta has given a nudge twist and calls it the ‘Poochka’ where the tamarind water is used as the main pani.

The bhel which is a yummy breakfast has also travelled India. The other varieties of chaat decorated with puri is huge. Sev puri, batata puri, dahi puri, ragda puri …. OH I love them all! Also various places have a unique experimented chaat dish which is considered as the famous one from that place. Only Indians can do this.


7. Maggie.


It’s observed and noticed that since huge years Maggie is ruling our plate. It’s our childhood special dish which is still continued even when we are young. It’s our favorite breakfast since childhood and sharing is not allowed. The 2 min Maggie noodles was always a party time. The curly gracious smooth lines of noodles are yummy. It’s the only thing many of us can cook with great ease and cook the best. It has come up with a variety to the original Maggie still sticking to the original is what most people prefer, precisely. Again consumed daily is harmful for health.

And there will be still many yummy foods I left- but these are the first things we run to when we are hungry and we can’t stay away from it. The franky rolls and small pizzas available in the central suburbs are trending. Also the Chinese experimented dishes are creating a buzz for young students. We cannot forget our dosas and samosas and the Indian created bread pakodas too.


–          SANGITA MAITY.



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