7 Amazing Facts Of Mumbai Local Trains You Ought To Know


Mumbai Local Trains

The first thing which comes to our mind thinking about Mumbai is the local trains. It’s an exciting adventure which people go through in their day to day lives. Actually almost everyone who has visited Mumbai must have surely used this mode of transport.

Some interest facts about these trains are:

  1. 2 Billion passengers per year

The railways in Mumbai carry around 2.2* billion passengers every year whereas the population of the world is around 6 billion.


  1. Crowd in peak hours

You are considered very lucky if you even get a proper place to stand in the local train at peak hours.


  1. Jump in!

The trains are never quite full for the passengers who are travelling daily; by hook or by crook they have to enter the train even if the next train is to arrive in 3 minutes.

 Mumbai Local Trains

  1. Time matters

To the daily travellers, time is very important in their life. If you have missed one train you’ll surely going to rot in hell.


  1. Live Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps.

You are surely going to have a great time in train if you love watching serials. As you will get to see quarrels, fights and even an insight into the titbits of personal “saas-bahu” quarrels.


  1. Adjustable seats

We all know that there are three seats per row in a local train. But for those who travel daily, there is always a fourth seat available irrespective of the ‘width’ of the person seated.


  1. Cheap fare

Even though Mumbai is a very expensive city, but travelling around in a local train is very cheap.

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