5 Mantras You Should Say Every Morning!



Sometimes its inevitable to start our day with motivation. We are too tired to crawl out of the bed. There may be plenty of reasons to get up in the morning; sometimes we need a little extra push. Instead of thinking about the to-do lists or reaching out for your phones underneath the covers, you can tell these mantras to yourselves which might help you get of your bed and get moving.

1. I can do this

Many a times we feel exhausted for the day even before we start moving.  By telling “I CAN DO THIS”  to yourself, you can focus on your ability to make things happen and do it. Just telling yourself you can do something can mean the difference between sticking with a workout or throwing in the towel. Imagine yourself stuck up in some overwhelming project, chanting this to yourself may figure out your way to success.


2. Time to live for today

Steve Jobs said, “For the past 33 years, I’ve looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself ‘if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?’ And whenever the answer’s been ‘no’ for too many days in a row, that’s when I know I’ve needed a change.” We get closer to death every day, which is just one more reason to make sure we are living. Introspect yourself and realise you need to be here right now, you need to live for today, no matter what. It will help you develop the mindfulness and motivate you to live for the day.


3. Let’s make a difference

Everyday, new opportunities come in our way to do something. We get a chance to crate small or big differences in anybody’s life, including your own. It may be anything, from sharing a smile, encouraging someone, or simply writing a blog. We are lucky enough to be here, so why not make a difference in this minute, at this time, in this life?


4. Something awesome is going to happen today!

Be thoughtful. Think positive. Have faith. You don’t know what will the near future be, but believe that something really amazing is going to happen today. This might just be a stimulant to accept that awesomeness which is going to happen to you in the day.


5. Why not?

Trust yourself. Trust your guts. Instead of procrastinating things, WHY Not do those things? WHY NOT take a chance and do something awesome? Why not take the plunge?  Introspect yourself and you will visualise the highest success and that the possibility of the worst consequences will not be that devasting! The best may take place, or even the worst could have happened. But at least you made an attempt. You tried, and that is what matters.


Arm yourself with a power phrase! Make these important words your first priority of the morning. Then, notice if the pace of your day has changed. If these mantras might resonate with you-good things are ahead.

-Tanvi Shah

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Smita Singh


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