5 Hot, Creative & Fun-filled Careers Every Indian Graduate Must Consider


If career for you is “sticking” with one thing for the rest of your life, then your definition of career is wrong.  The word “sticking” must be replaced with “having fun”. If career for you is doing what your “mom and dad” want from you, then your definition of career is wrong. Following your parents’ stringent rules must be replaced with what your heart wants, because choosing a right career is an art and art comes straight from the heart.


Once you know what you got to do, just dig in deeper. If you are one of those effervescent creative minds like explorers, comedians, writers, animators and designers, then you must look upon the following careers to pour your heart out and of course mint!



1. Web Designing

Description: World Wide Web, today contains at least 0.27 billion pages. The number is on a rise and is expected to quadruple the current size of the World Wide Web by 2020. Web designing is clearly a hot career that includes creation and maintenance of web pages. Programming skills are the basic requirements followed by a pinch of creativity for a decent web page. Graphics designing, interface designing and search engine optimization are other parts of web designing.

* Start Salary: Rs 12,000 to 18,000

Industry tags: Internet, Online Media


2. Foreign Languages

Description: The businesses with global presence are looking for communicators all around the world. A keen interest in foreign languages can magnetize you to the niche of reputed global businesses. A skill very much required in tourism, hospitality, communications and education

Industry tags: Tourism, Education, and Communications

* Start Salary: Rs. 20,000 to 30,000*


3. Content Writing:

Description: A creative writing renders a message that is just meant for the heart. Having a skill of creative writing can land you in writing creative blogs and content for websites and social media pages of various businesses. Content writing is an essential part of Social Media Marketing.

Industry tags: Online Media, News Media

* Income: Per article / Start Salary: Rs. 8,000 to 10,000*


 4VFX & Animation

Description: VFX is abbreviated from visual effects. VFX as well as animation are concerned with film making. Careers in VFX and animation demand a lot of creativity and imagination. These careers also require a set of courses to go through with a proper coaching and hands on experience of software that platforms such creative film making.

Industry tags: Entertainment/Movies, Advertising

Start Salary: Rs. 8,000 to 10,000*





5. Standup Comedy / Online Comedy

Description: Standup comedian is one such person or a group of persons who require no enrollment to courses before hitting the stage. Thank God! But, a standup comedian has to be a public speaker, fast thinker and spontaneous responder. So, if you think, making people laugh without a stage fear is your thing, then go grab the mike!

Industry tags: Events, Entertainment, Online Media

Income: Depends on connections and solidness of jokes.


Choose these careers and let your creative juices flow like never before!


* = All the salary figures are on the basis of market requirements and appropriations. Bms.co.in does not take any responsibility of giving any sum of money

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