At present, there are thousands of educators, consultants, blogs, articles, books and handbooks to help budding job-seekers in pulling off job interviews. It’s a piece of cake to research pertinent to tactics of cracking an interview. And it’s relieving to see those overflowing search results on Google at the blink of an eye. Numerous options to choose from, but remember that your days don’t run out! You had relied on Google to walk on simplified pathways to understand about that one-to-one formal conversation, but hours pass by and you end up finding your way out from those exasperating perspectives of various people formed through various experiences.




A note, both concise and precise will help you give a justification to your endeavors. A note containing details combined in the pack of four. After coming across those destined mishaps, a note will help you remember the essentials to follow. A note, if memorized well will puncture that nerve-wracking silence, which could stop you to go to the next step, the job itself. Let’s see what those points so handy and helpful to remember are.

1. Etiquettes: Etiquettes are not inborn qualities. They are meant to be learnt and practiced. Most of the kids learn from their parents while growing up while the rest learn after failing in several job interviews. There are people in this world who cannot figure out the reasons of their rejections as a result of misconceiving the qualifications as the only requirements to ace the interviews.

2. Experience / Competency: Experience, knowledge and qualifications row on the same boat called competency, means that they all are interlinked. These are the sensitive links that connect you to the employer in order to reach to the final goal of being selected. It must be ensured that maximum of all three i.e. knowledge, experiences and qualifications are possessed by an individual to lock the interviewer’s eye on you as the selected candidate.

3. Enthusiasm: Being a self-learner always helps. An initiative of researching about the company prior to the interview is a sign of knowledge as well as enthusiasm. Enthusiasm can also be evidently seen while conversing with the interviewer. Describe about yourself enthusiastically, it shows you respect the interviewer as well as yourself, because both of you have incurred precious amount resources such as time, money and energy to the interview. Describe about the subjects like they were your first love, though they weren’t.



4. Easy-goingness: An interview is not a big deal at the end of the day. It won’t take the life out of you if you even tend to create a blunder out of it. Your requirement is to get the job, their requirement is to handover the job. A job interview is testing the balancing equation between you and the company. You must remember that the company needs you as much as you need it. Keep away from distractions and agitations, feel confident about yourself, empathize and remember these points till the last second of your interview. Lock and load!

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