4 Popular Kinds Of Coffee You Must Know!


Coffee has been around for over 11 centuries and is currently the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It is one of the most valuable primary products in world trade. Coffee is a magical beverage. It can be the simple morning cup to start your day or the gourmet drinks you order from specialised shops or simple have a cup made at home. Here’s a look at four of the more popular coffee drinks available at most discriminating coffee houses, and how to best enjoy them.



Like concentrated coffee shot, espresso is a  rich, black coffee made by forcing water through packed, finely ground roast coffee at high pressure, and at a high rate of speed. A perfectly brewed espresso will have thick, golden-brown foam on the surface.  Proper Espresso is served in small demitasse-style cups and consumed promptly. Espresso should be taken either on its own or with a small teaspoon of sugar. Having it “short” means that it has less water and is therefore more concentrated, and “long” conversely uses more water and does not taste as strong. Espresso with a shot of grappa or an espresso with whipped cream on top or even an espresso with a squeeze of lemon juice can give a twist to your delightful drink.



Another drink warped by misconceptions! Cappuccino, named for its similarity in color to the robes of Capuchin monks, a true cappuccino is a combination of equal parts espresso, steamed milk and milk froth. In shops where latte art is performed, clear cups are used and, done right; one can see the three layers in succession in their cup. A slight variation is the latte, where instead of one third milk, just under 2/3 milk is used and a light layer of foam on top. It is common to sprinkle your cappuccino froth with a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder or grated dark chocolate. This drink is very subjective and can be ordered several different ways.

Caffe Latte

cafe latte

A Caffe Latte is much milkier and creamier than a cappuccino, made with one part espresso and at least five parts of steamed milk, with only a small amount of froth on top.  The milk is poured down the side of the cup to cause the two liquids to swirl together, creating an almost marbleized appearance. With a few minor variations, this also goes by the name Cafe con Leche or Cafe Au Lait, depending on whether your coffee spirit is channelling Spanish or French. Cookies, sponge-type cake slices and even fresh Italian bread can transform your caffe latte into a breakfast that even your grandma would approve.

Caramel Macchiato


Despite Starbucks’ popularization of the term Macchiato as a brand name, this is a very simple drink devoid of the flavoured caramel and chocolate treatment better suited to an ice-cream parlour. The most common method is combining espresso, caramel and foamed milk, though some use steamed milk. The ratio of coffee to milk is approximately 4:1, as opposed to a latte, which is 3:1 and topped with steamed milk foam.

Often, vanilla is added to provide extra flavour, drizzled with caramel sauce, of course. You can add sugar, but taste it first, as it may be sweet enough as is.This highly addictive drink needs nothing else to make it a heavenly java experience.

– Tanvi Shah

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