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Marriage is a process where two individuals go together through stages of continues growth that requires trust, commitment, skills, caring and efforts. A strong healthy marriage do not just happen by chance rather it requires efforts and love from both the ends to make it strong. Happiest couples are the ones who make deliberate efforts to learn how to make their marriage better. You need not take bigger steps; begin with just small little steps each day that can bring you closer to your spouse.

  1. Hug and kiss each day

Often as marriage grows older, we tend to forget loving each other and making each other feel special. You’re never too old to love your spouse. Begin your day making them feel that they are special and you love them with your whole heart by giving them a sweet little kiss and a caressing hug.

  1. Do small little things

Start small, if your husband likes eating chicken prepare for him a special chicken dish at least once a week or if your wife likes a long drive take her out for a long drive on a weekend.

  1. Keep it new

Whether you’re married for six years or for sixty, a marriage is never old. It will remain new until you keep it new. Keep the feel that you are just married and love them the way you would loved them when you were just married. Remember all the beautiful moments you’ll have had together and live it with them all over again.

  1. Know each other

Although you already know each other, there are a lot of things we ignore at times. Always give a listening hear to each other’s talks, this will help you know them beyond their likes and dislikes. Knowing will help you love them even more.

  1. Give priority

After marriage things change, we start giving priority to our work, in laws and children before our spouse and ignore them totally, give important to others but do not ignore your wife or husband, give them the time and importance that they deserve.

  1. Value each other

As long he or she is your boyfriend or girlfriend you value them to the max, but when the same person becomes your husband and your wife the value is lost. In fact, after marriage the value of the person should become more as they are your spouse. It’s very important to value each other in a marriage.   

  1. Remove time

Even if your schedules are very busy and you do not have time, try and adjust your schedule and remove some time for your spouse. You can make a call in the middle of the day and tell them that you’re missing them, ask whether they had their meals and so on. These small gestures will make them happy.

  1. Talk to each other

We are always busy in our own world and forget to have a conversation with our husband or wife, do not refrain yourself from a conversation. Keep yourself open to any kind of conservation, be it sharing your joys and sorrows. Talking always makes the bond strong, let’s you know each other and also solve any problem.

  1. Go out on a date

You need to spend time with your love, to make your marriage strong. Go out with them to the places they love to visit or on a coffee or ice cream date, for lunch or candle light dinners. You can even have a date at home when no one is at home; talk a walk in the garden. You date can be anything as long as you both have your personal time.

  1. Take care of each other’s needs

Marriage means looking after each other needs, a husband needs to think about the wife and wife needs to think about her husband and together fulfil each other’s desires.

  1. Respect each other’s feeling

You need to respect the feeling of your spouse on any matter and not make fun or ill treat their emotions. Understanding each other’s emotions will help you grow emotionally.

  1. Physical relation

A marriage is complete with a physical relation with your spouse, look for each other’s satisfaction to have a complete marriage.

  1. Show your Appreciation

It is very essential to show appreciation towards all the efforts that they do for you. Appreciate and compliment your wife for the food that she prepares for you and appreciate the hard work that your husband does for you and your family to keep you both happy. 

  1. Ask for help

Do not hesitate to ask for help, if you feel your relation is getting imbalanced. You could professional help or counselling or even ask your fellow friends who are marriage for a solution. But the best solution is to talk it out amongst you.

  1. Respect each other

Not only respect each other’s feeling but respect your partner for what they are and their decision to be a part of their life. Love will grow when you begin to respect each other for their individual identity.

Marriage requires efforts to keep it going, as the saying goes “The more you invest in your marriage, the more valuable it becomes”.  A strong marriage isn’t two people being strong at the same time, it’s when two people taking turns and being strong for each other.

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