10 Superb #SriSriInIraq Tweets, Status Trending on Twitter


sri sri in iraq


  1. 699women survivors of violence in Baghdad received training to relieve stress&Trauma under Al Azhar Program #SriSriInIraq
  2. A big hope for the the yezidi community to survive. #SriSriInIraq will do His best possible to save the yazidi community. Let’s all join in
  3. @ArtOfLivingNow and @iahv provided food,water and hygiene products to refugees and internally displaced people (IDP) (2) #SriSriInIraq
  4. Big powers with big might not able to unite hearts & minds of ppl. This can be done only by spiritual leader. Iraqi PM on #SriSriInIraq 2007
  5. I wonder if he’s charging the Iraqis for every exercise the way courses here are charged. #SriSriInIraq
  6. Solving every major crisis on Earth one heavy breathing exercise at a time. Excellent. #SriSriInIraq
  7. Only spiritual leader who has visited Iraq 3times to bring peace @SriSri starts His 3rd peace initiative in Iraq #SriSriInIraq @narendramodi
  8. Schools of thought which encourage mutliculturalism & world is one family is important-@SriSri #SriSriInIraq Nov 19-20 for peace &harmony
  9. Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit & human dignity. #SriSriInIraq
    Bringing smiles n hope where it is needed the most #SriSriiniraq #SaveYazidis
  10. Let’s support #SriSriInIraq to bring back Peace back in #Iraq !!!





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