10 Truthful Reasons for War’s In The World!






According to the world research conducted at Stanford University there 10 major causes of war. They are general reasons why anybody does a war. Along with these 10 reason 2 more are strategic reasoning on any war front to attain superb gains and high profitability.


1)  Religion

In part and parcel of everyday we always see people quarreling among each other on basis of religion, differences such as cast creed minorities. This in turn hampers are progressive mindset and makes our brain think into a state of constant agitation.This leads to the head of communities to start wars to achieve equal status in public. This may go against the government rule or any other country with the matter in alliance with the people agitated.



2) Bargaining  failures of war


When there are treaties being done and countries disagree, a spark can reignite the fire in its remains to be the desolation of peace and start of wars.This is one of the common reasons for wars to reignite.


3) Revenge


That’s the reason why Hitler rose to power and nazism along with fascism ,were born. If your whole community finds itself defeated you may take revenge as a whole in the form of war. A defeat in battle also may swore in a revenge for the next battle.


4) First strike or preemptive  attack.


The blitzkrieg strategy also known as the lightning fast attack was developed by Germans to attain sophisticated strike and run strategies over their opponents to attain immediate positions or create panic in the enemy camp.This would be again tried with retaliation, from the enemy side resulting in more severe wars.


5) Natural Resources


The war for resources has been there since the colonial era, wherein people have been always asked to wonder is their country not a benefactor of other goods? These things light up stuff like there is no tomorrow acclaiming the allures of people and forming alliances with the people.


6) Agency problems


Spying on other countries and enemies can far more expensive if an agent gets caught and there is no way out for him. Its a hard bargain for countries and their final solution is to declare war or terminate their agent.


7) Endogenous power

When a country has invested in arms and ammunition for economies, they instigate countries to start wars so as to sell their arms to countries.




8) Duration of war


Sometimes war start and end very quickly or get prolonged at the hope of winning them sometime in near future. This also increases the chances of war every now and then.


9) Nuclear strike


The race to enhance nuclear arsenal has also lead to war threat increase since 2005.Many countries like South Korea have tried to threaten countries in the same manner.

10) Cold war


These possibilities are certain after the last  Cold War where a frantic arms and technological race started had ensure earths annihilation untill breaking up of Russia’s socialist union.

– Aditya Chavan

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